Supercap Energy Storage (SCES) 300 – 900kW – Indoor Panel


The Indrivetec Supercap SCES features the very latest and most robust European technology.  Built in Switzerland, all units are supplied Functional and Type tested, ready for immediate installation and commissioning.

  • Flexible and versatile IP40 indoor panel – air cooled
  • Full operational control
  • Integrated Functions
  • Starting at 300 up to 900kW DC
  • Bi-Directional DC-DC converter
  • Control Modes:- current, voltage, power control and droop
  • Operating temperatures +5 to +35c (extended ranges on request)
  • EN61000-62, EN61000-6-4, EN62477-1, IEC62103 Standards
  • CE, UL/UR, CSA Certification
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The Indrivetec range of Energy Management Systems (EMS) are fully integrated VDE-AR-N 4110 certified and built to ISO 9001 standards in Switzerland.  Modular and flexible, these systems are designed for years of reliable, cost effective power supply.  With more than 25 years experience in the design of ESS, coupled with CSE Uniserve’ 40 years of electro-technical knowledge, customers can be confident in the process of consulting, specifiying and producing what is needed for each job.

Designed specifically to deliver short time energy storage, these bi-directional DC-DC converters offer fully operational control, high efficiency and fully integrated functions.

The SuperCap Energy Storage (SCES) are fully integrated units supplied complete and tested in sizes from 300kW DC to 900kW DC and offer up to 7.5Mj of useable energy.

Indrivetec specialises in development and manufacture of high-performance storage inverters and AC/DC converters for Supercaps and batteries. Our energy storage systems can be used for charging or discharging power supply systems or interconnected systems in addition to isolated networks which supply electrical power to areas which are not connected to the public mains. In regenerative or generator-powered power supply systems, batteries or Supercaps ensure that large quantities of energy can be delivered evenly and rapidly.

Together with our project partners, we ensure a reliable power supply even in remote areas. Energy storage power plants and island grids are designed by us from concept to commissioning, including service programs.

Our inverters are BDEW-certified and comply with today’s power supply system requirements, even in weak power systems.

Moreover, all devices can be connected in parallel, i.e. x inverters can be used at the same time in a system, which allows installations to be operated up to power ratings of 10 MW or more.



Download the Indrivetec FlexConvert Energy Storage System (ESS) brochure here:

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