Digital Substation Solutions

Digital Substation Solutions

Digital Substation IEC 61850

If you have never considered a digital substation to IEC 61850 Standards  and are still utilising a traditional substation framework, then it is time you take a look at this technology more closely.  Traditionally substations have used circuit breakers, current transformers, voltage transformers and protection relays all wired together using copper cables. With modern technology, a digital substation to IEC 61850 standards addresses the significant space, cost and upgrade issues of traditional substations.

At CSE Uniserve, we pride ourselves on being the number one electrical engineering company in Australia and the company to sell the first digital substation solutions into Australian Utilities.  We deliver excellent electrical engineering solutions for IEC 61850 Editioin 1 and Edition 2 to Utilities and companies working in heavy industry across the globe.  We have garnered a reputation for excellent quality, prompt delivery and dedicated client service.

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Considering The Benefits Of A Digital Substation?

Workstations, protection devices and low-level transducers are connected on an optical fibre communications backbone. The substation system architecture is split into three levels; the station level where operations, engineering functions and reporting take place, the bay level where system protection and control functions are implemented and the process level where signals from current transformers and other transducers are transmitted. The digital substation offers numerous advantages over a conventional arrangement. These include: 

  • Easier, simpler and much lower cost installation that involves much less cabling and much less civil works etc
  • Interoperability between devices that are produced by different manufacturers
  • Much greater reliability
  • Improved measurement accuracy and recording of information
  • Improved commissioning and operations
  • Easy incorporation of modern electronic current transformer and voltage transformer sensors
  • Better electromagnetic performance and isolation of circuits

How A Digital Substation Operates

CSE Uniserve recognises that we owe a duty of care to the natural environment and to the communities in which we operate. We actively support a philosophy of cleaner operations and sustainability and have gained accreditation to ISO 14001 for our environmental management and performance. We are therefore committed to taking all reasonable steps to ensure that business activities are planned and conducted to minimise and, where possible, avoid any adverse impacts on the natural environment and social surroundings for the benefit of both current and future generations. We aim to lead the path towards a greener future in heavy industries like water treatment, transportation and food processing by ensuring that our work and the important work of our customers continues for generations without compromising on quality of life worldwide.

The Smart Way to Manage Your Power Distribution

If you need a digital power substation that will dramatically improve your site operation, then there is only one place that you need to look. CSE Uniserve can assess your requirements, provide all the options, the equipment and support you will need and offer ongoing maintenance after installation. You can get in touch with one of our dedicated people today by phone or through our website. Once you arrange an appointment or a site visit, we can commence the process to assess your facilities and determine how best to address your power management needs. We will provide you with a free no-obligation quote for installation. We promise you won’t regret getting in touch.

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