Line Differential Relays

Line Differential Relays

The Importance Of Line Protection Relays

You can find the quality equipment, the technical ingenuity and the engineering expertise that your project deserves here at CSE Uniserve. We pride ourselves on meeting the wide-ranging demands of power system protection, automation and data management applications across all industries. CSE Uniserve encompasses the design and supply of equipment and solutions for primary power delivery motor starting, speed control and power quality. We continually strive to exceed the expectations of our clients, and further consolidate lasting, high-value relationships with our long-term technology partners. We form an integral part of CSE Global, one of the world’s largest independent system integration organisations, with a global footprint that spans more than twenty countries.

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Are You Looking For A Dependable Line Differential Relay?

CSE Uniserve supplies an extensive range of quality power distribution solutions, including equipment such as:

Protection relays of all types, including; Feeder relays, distance protection relays, line differential relays, bus protection, motor and generator protection relay systems as well as more advanced systems such as; phase comparison systems, multi-ended line differential protection systems, terminal protection systems and logic controller systems.

The Complexities Of Differential Protection

Differential protection is based on the fact that any fault within a piece of electrical equipment will cause the current that enters it to be different from the current that leaves it. What seems like a simple subtraction of outgoing current from ingoing current is, in reality, much more complicated as the power system is anything from an ideal system. Capacitive charging currents, non-transposed lines or asymmetrical communication causing phase rotation, drifting time synchronisation, tapped lines and transformers are just some examples of features that leak or transform current flowing on the line or influence the data sent between intelligent electronic devices. It requires advanced stabilisation methods to create a reliable line differential protection scheme. Differential protection is easier to integrate into a protection philosophy as distance protection, as it is a unit protection. It delivers greater consistency of performance at the cost of greater reliance on hardware. Some form of high bandwidth, low latency communication is required in between the line ends in order to exchange analogue information for the line differential algorithm to process. Typically, this is a direct fibre optic cable.

Find A Line Differential Relay For Your Workplace

So, whether you need a stellar line differential protection relay, a generator protection system, a digital substation, a process bus or a planned maintenance system you can find everything that you need and more at CSE Uniserve. Every day, leading companies around the world depend on our expertise and engineering talent to keep their operations running smoothly under demanding circumstances. If you are looking to upgrade your electrical management system or you are planning out a new facility installation, then you will appreciate the importance of putting your best foot forward and making sure that your electrical framework is efficient and reliable from the very beginning. At CSE Uniserve, we can ensure that your system satisfies your electrical power needs and keeps your workers safe. Call us today to discuss how we can help you manage your electrical current effectively.

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