Busbar Relays

Busbar Relays

Our Busbar Relay Selection

CSE Uniserve provides reliable solutions for a wide range of busbar protection applications. Our highly skilled team understand busbar principles and protection techniques, and design and support bus protection solutions that can be applied right across industry.
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Why Get Busbar Relays From CSE Uniserve?

CSE Uniserve has been providing secure and stable electrical control and electronic communication systems for forty years. Our experienced team delivers engineered products and integrated solutions across multiple market segments including motor starting and speed control, power quality solutions, primary equipment, power system protection and control, high availability industrial networking, monitoring and diagnostics, automation technology, terminal block systems and energy management technology. We have a wide selection of high-quality products and solutions and are the supplier of choice for clients that require power, automation, communications and protection systems. We service a wide range of industries, including power and water utilities, energy generators, mining and refining, food production and processing and transportation.

Does Your Busbar Relay Meet The Demands Of Your Facility?

An electrical busbar is defined as a conductor or a group of conductors that are used for collecting electrical energy from incoming feeders and distributing them to outgoing feeders. Essentially, it is a type of electrical junction in which all incoming and outgoing electrical current meets. An electrical bus bar collects the electrical energy at one location. When a fault occurs in any section of the busbar, all circuit equipment connected to that section must be tripped to give complete isolation in the shortest possible time. There are several types of bus bar arrangements, and the choice of arrangement depends on factors such as system voltage, the position of a substation in the system, reliability of supply, flexibility and cost.

The Importance Of An Electrical Busbar

When assessing the ideal busbar relay for your facility or substation, we take as broad and detailed a view as possible to determine how best to meet your needs. The following are the electrical considerations governing the selection of any one arrangement for optimal performance:

  • The busbar arrangement must be simple and easy to maintain
  • It must have the provision of extension with the load growth
  • The installation should be as economical as possible, keeping in view the needs and continuity of supply
  • There is the availability of alternative arrangements in the event of an outage of any of the apparatus.

Our expert engineers will perform a full on-site assessment of your infrastructure and power consumption to accurately determine the precise arrangement that you need.

Talk To Us About Busbar Protection Relays

Contact our client services team today either by phone or through our website to arrange an appointment, and learn what we can do for your company. Whether it be a busbar protection relay, transformer protection, line differential or planned maintenance system you require, we can deliver the effective and efficient power distribution solutions. We guarantee that by working with us, you are putting your power management into the safest possible hands and keeping your engineers, operators and facility staff safe and secure at work. You can view a full portfolio of our product range on our website where you can also learn more about our commitment to health and safety standards and a sustainable future.

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