Ethernet Layer 2 Switches and Compact Switches

Ethernet Layer 2 Switches and Compact Switches

Ethernet Switch Units

The RUGGEDCOM portfolio comprises an extensive assortment of fully managed Ethernet Layer 2 switches, both as standalone as well as rack-mounted units. All of them are designed for durability – and for highly reliable performance in extreme industrial conditions

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Why You Need An Ethernet Switch

CSE Uniserve provide the best technology for heavy industry in Australia. When you purchase from us, you can be certain you are getting the best value, the right advice, and reliable products.

We stock leading brands of heavy duty ethernet switches designed for industrial applications. Many of our clients tend to operate in environments that are not ideally suited to the sensitive electronics found in consumer grade computing technology. That’s why our ethernet switches are a better choice.

Ethernet Switches from CSE Uniserve

At CSE Uniserve, we work with some of the biggest industrial clients in Australia (and indeed the wider world), and our experience allows us to provide the correct product recommendations and advice for each specific industrial application.

In fact, we provide tailored engineering services to meet any industrial need, making us reliable electrical distributors for your engineering needs.

We’ll Help You Get the Best Ethernet Switch for Your Application

Every project will have unique characteristics that determine which equipment will be best suited for that specific project. We can, however, make some general recommendations for equipment that has proved to be well suited to a wide range of conditions, due to the robust construction and quality-focused manufacturing process employed.

    Specially designed for operation in the vicinity of machinery, the SCALANCE X-100 series of industrial ethernet switches is built for strength and reliability. It is suited to various network topologies, including bus, ring or star.The SCALANCE X-108 has 8x RJ-45 jacks on the front of the unit. The SCALANCE X-104-2 has 4x RJ-45 jacks and 2x BFOC ports. The SCALANCE X-106-1 has 6x RJ-45 jacks and 1x BFOC port. The naming conventions used for these ethernet switches are easy to figure out.

    Features include PnP compliance, auto-negotiation, MDI/MDX auto-crossover, and auto polarity exchange. The models that include BFOC ports can achieve transmission rates of 100 Mbps; however auto-negotiation does not work for these ports (this is due to the nature of fibre-optic transmission and not a limitation of the specific device).

    Fibre-optic is more efficient than RJ-45, and transmission range can be up to 3km per segment with FO cables (a segment is the distance between two switch hubs or between a work station and a switch hub). In practice, therefore, no real physical limit on the transmission range exists, you just need more switches and more cable if you want to transmit over distances greater than 3km.

    These are exactly the same in most respects to the X-100 series (for example, the X-208 has the same features as the X-108), except that they’re suited to a wider range of applications.
    Featuring technology for real-time switching suited to PROFINET applications. IRT is much faster than TCP/IP or RT, so it is the best choice for systems requiring very high real-time accuracy such as air traffic control stations, public utility systems, and public broadcasting systems.
    These have similar construction and features to their X-100 and X-200 counterparts but providing Ethernet M12 sockets instead of the RJ-45 jacks. These are suited to industrial grade IP65 applications and allow for greater transmission range than is possible with RJ-45.
  • SIEMENS SCALANCE X-400 and X-500 Series
    For larger networks, these managed ethernet switches offer transmission speeds of up to 1Gbps on all ports and superior connectivity options. Port extenders increase the number of connection options, and as modular technology, it is possible to combine multiple switches to create networks of whatever size you require.

Get More Information from CSE Uniserve

We are here to answer your questions and help make sure you have all the information you need to choose the right products for what you need to accomplish. Our engineering consultants can provide you with a free consultation, and you can also call us directly on 1800 987 616.

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