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GE Multilin

GE Multilin Power Solutions

GE continues to lead the way making new protection, control and automation applications possible. Our solutions continue GE’s century long tradition of power system innovation. From generators to transmission lines, to motors and beyond, we ensure dependable, safe power worldwide.
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Quality control and protection with GE Multilin

When it comes to power quality, the cost of outages, interruptions and disturbances can be very high. Not only can equipment age prematurely or incur damages but productivity is affected and business as usual, cannot move forward. Those who invest in advanced monitoring systems that enable 24/7 monitoring and recording benefit from the extensive data collected. The GE Mutilin range of solutions is a worthy and effective choice for companies to safeguard and help plan to ensure that a steady power quality and protection is achieved.

The benefits of GE Multilin power monitoring

Benefits associated with GE Multilin quality power monitoring include:

1) An analysis that identifies anomalies such as power outages and can compare the current operating functionality of equipment against the manufacturer’s baseline. What’s more, this comprehensive data can help safeguard against problems by diagnosing them before they happen.

2) It can lead to the identification or a problem early, before it develops and so can be addressed more efficiently, thereby reducing the chance of a potentially expensive interruption to operations further down the road.

3) In the aftermath of a disruption to energy supply having quality analytics at your disposal can help determine the sequence of events that led to the outage. Having the ability to identify the exact cause of the problem can help expose where equipment has sustained damage and thereby prompt for replacement or repair work that will safeguard against a repeat incident.

4) Your ability to maintain a reliable supply will improve your customer perception of the company and its reputation within the industry will grow, not only with stakeholders but will encourage new lines of business and relationships that may help it expand further.

5) The ability to analyse power quality can also be useful when testing a system response under simulated conditions.

The GE Multilin range from CSE Uniserve

GE Multilin relays offer advanced and enhanced network protection and control solutions that offer ease of use for utilities and industrial sites to empower companies to keep tabs on their energy use and plan effectively.

At CSE Uniserve we are proud to have exclusively represented the entire GE relay range in Australia & New Zealand for over 35 years. GE Multilin products are so reliable and so safe; we supply every unit with a ten year warranty.

We offer value by ensuring that customers have the opportunity to not only access the mainstream products but to also explore alternate and leading edge technologies such as digital substation (IES 61850) solutions and experience an unparalleled service guarantee. Our ability to give a flexible service to our customers stems from the fact that we have a team of in house engineers with world-class experience and extensive knowledge at their disposal, which means that our clients have access to best practice solutions and service. 

GE Multilin D25

Contact us today to find out more about the range of GE Multilin products, service and support available from CSE Uniserve.

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