GE Kelman Transport X2

Transport X2 – the updated version of the “lab in a box”

Next generation, fully portable, onsite 7 gas DGA + moisture testing in less than 30 minutes…

1) Carrier-gas-free and calibration-gas-free operation
2) Device weight <9 kg

Fast and full diagnostics in 5 simple steps and approximately 30 minutes

1) Draw sample from transformer
2) Inject syringe of oil (50ml) into Transport X²
3) Wait for the analysis to finish
4) Dive into Diagnostics immediately
5) Clean the equipment for next use.


What can Transport X2 do for you?

Perfect to respond to Transformer alarms and trip events and can be used to drive urgent decisions in the field

Built in Oil Diagnostic visualisations

It is robust and compact, weighing less than 9kg and IP67 rated when the case is closed

Completely redesigned colour HMI with touch screen and step by step instructions

Inbuilt storage for up to 20,000 measurement results

A newly designed oil injection port makes the process almost fool proof

4th generation PAS technology and alignment with DGA 900 traceability.

Accurate and repeatable processes for multiple oil types, Mineral and Synthetic oils as well as Natural Esther fluids.

Individual alarm limit setups

Buchholz Gas Samples

Flammability in Air Calculation

Self check diagnostic capabilities

A 5 Year worldwide GE factory warranty.

Watch an introductory clip to the new TransportX2 here:               Download the GE M&D Range Brochure here:


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