GE Grid Solutions CB Watch 3 Circuit Breaker Monitoring


Why the interest in Circuit Breaker Monitoring?


  • Critical pieces of equipment –   dependability is key
  • Objective is not to save the asset, but avoid the consequences of failure to operate
  • Move to Condition Based Maintenance – less outages, less resources, lower cost
  • Older fleet – need risk-based asset replacement strategy
  • Reduce SF6 gas leaks – meet targets, save cost, avoid penalties
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The GE CB Watch 3 is a compact, modular, online monitoring solution suitable for high voltage circuit breakers. It records information using non-invasive sensors and performs local real time monitoring of operational parameters attached to key breaker functions.   The CB Watch 3 also highlights the need for any mechanical maintenance or arcing contact replacement, eliminating yearly testing and fixed interval overhauls.  If you are looking for genuine asset management for your critical infrastructure, our team can discuss why CB Watch3 may be what you have been searching for.

The CB Watch 3 focuses on detecting even small SF6 leaks as early as possible, trending the leak rates to help you manage and optimize your gas refill operations and avoid any costly environmental penalties.


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A short introduction to GE CB Watch3

8 min video on why people use Circuit Breaker Monitoring CB Watch 3


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Are you looking for a circuit breaker monitoring solution?

It goes without saying that HV and MV circuit breakers are vitally important when it comes to ensuring that MV and HV electrical systems can operate in a safe manner. For this reason, it is always essential that you’re able to notice any potential issues with your HV / MV circuit breakers before they have the chance to cause major problems further down the line.

If you’re using an SF6 gas circuit breaker, this means being able to quickly detect gas leaks and begin gas refill operations – not only to keep your circuit breakers working effectively but also to help you avoid any environmental penalties.

Fortunately, with the help of a circuit breaker energy monitoring system such as the GE CB Watch 3, you can always be entirely confident that you’re on top of the functionality of your circuit breakers, and that you’ll be able to spot any mechanical maintenance that is required without the need to worry about arranging periodic testing. 

The CSE Uniserve approach For asset management

At CSE Uniserve, we understand that simply keeping on top of our contractual and legislative obligations is far from doing enough to guarantee that we’re offering our customers the very best possible products and services, each and every time they call upon us.

Instead, we believe that a strong, positive workplace culture is the foundation of a truly effective organisation, which is why we’re committed to ensuring that we’re continuously improving our business processes and involving our staff and customers in the process of doing so. We’re careful to make sure that the practical and ethical demands of all our stakeholders are constantly being reassessed, and that we’re adapting efficiently to ensure that our products and services always meet their varying needs.

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Through this process of continual assessment and adaptation, we’ve been able to build a strong reputation as being the most efficient, results-driven specialists in electrical equipment and engineering services available in Australia, which is why so many reputable businesses across various industries choose to regularly put their trust in us when it comes to meeting their electrical engineering needs. 

Just read all about our state-of-the-art GE CB Watch 3, and get in touch with a member of our friendly and professional team if you have any further questions or wish to find out more information about this or any of our other products.

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CB Watch 3 is a modular system that expands to exactly match needs:

  • System made of small individual bus-connected modules
  • Provided added monitoring functionalities with each addition
  • Only one ProWatch unit for “ganged” or “IPO” breaker, just more AI modules
  • Only one IP address per circuit breaker !
  • Different configurations with different functionalities for different classes of circuit breakers, but with same system, HMI, installation, etc.

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