Solcon Medium Voltage Thyristor Power Controller (TPS)


The Solcon Medium Voltage TPS is a heavy duty three phase power unit for controlling the voltage applied to resistive heating elements.  The MV TPS is intended for voltage control of Medium Voltage heating applications.  Using Medium Voltage drastically reduces the amount of cable required, the size of the heating elements, the size of the electrical equipment cabinets.


  • Range 60-300A, 4160 – 6600V
  • Three phase control
  • Zero crossing & phase control (field programmable)
  • Comprehensive protection package
  • Communication: Modbus
  • Line and Inside delta connection
  • Synchronised mode (up to 10 units)
  • Sophisticated protection package
  • 3 Programmable relays
  • Variety of load connection types:  Wye (with or without neutral), Delta, Inside Delta
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The Solcon Medium Voltage TPS is an advanced Thyristor Power Controller (heater controller). It is a heavy duty, digital, Zero-Crossing, Phase Control or Phase Control-Power System, three phase control power unit for all types of resistive loads (temperature control of heaters, etc.). Available in a wide range: 60-300A, 4160-6600V, 50/60Hz.


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Thyristor Power Controllers from Australia’s Top Electrical Distributor

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Our Heavy Duty Solcon Medium Voltage TPS

The CSE Solcon Medium Voltage Thyristor Power Controller is an extremely popular power unit with industrial operations that require total control of the voltage applied to resistive heating elements. This is a three-phase control unit with zero crossing and phase control. It comes with a comprehensive protection package and three programmable relays.

This being a medium voltage system means that the amount of cable required to get it set up and running is drastically reduced, and so is the size of the heating elements. You’ll require smaller electrical equipment cabinets, and you’ll get all the same power and control as you’d expect from a higher voltage unit.

This is an incredible quality solution that serves many companies across Australia very well already. Our team at CSE Uniserve knows exactly how it can help you too!  Whether you’re familiar with the equipment or you need a company that offers a full system design and installation service, you can count on the team at CSE Uniserve.

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Solcon MV Thyristor Power Controller (TPS) Specifications

Solcon MV Thyristor Power Controller (TPS) Dimensions

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