Power Protection Relays

Power Protection Relays

Power Protection Relays

A protection relay is the best way to ensure you always maintain complete control over your facility’s power. Managing the flow of electrical current through a large facility is essential to keep it functioning at optimal performance. At the same time, it is essential to protect workers and operators from serious incidents that could pose a great risk to life.

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There is nothing more dangerous in a worksite than an electrical fire that can spread through a facility. Effective power protection is essential to any building or work environment, as the electrical demands of a given site increase so too do the risks involved in generating and distributing that energy. Industries like mining, oil and gas refining, water treatment, transportation and sustainable energy require vast amounts of electrical current. The only way for this sort of work to be conducted safely is through the use of relay that mitigates against dangerous faults.

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As the world continues to embrace technological advances in all facets of life and across all industries, the capabilities to reduce problematic power outages that lead to major costs and reactive expenses have become widely accessible throughout the energy market. 

Our Power Protection Relays

CSE Uniserve have been exclusively distributing GE Multilin and now GE MiCOM and MiDOS relays throughout Australia and New Zealand for nearly 30 years. They are suitable for different transformer protection applications, including medium voltage and high voltage transformers of any size, dual secondary transformers, auto-transformers, three-winding transformers, transformers with dual-breaker terminals. Additionally, these relays are designed for both new and retrofit installations. New installations typically use wye-connected current transformers and internally compensate the measured currents for the phase shift of the protected transformer. Traditional installations may use delta-connected or wye-connected current transformers that externally compensate the measured currents for the phase shift of the protected transformer. We accommodate both methods as simple configuration settings. Beyond these typical applications, our transformer protection relays can be applied to more advanced applications.

We are dedicated to providing comprehensive technical support expertise and lifetime service through dedicated in-house and on-site services for all our technologies. We offer the highest quality repair of products and quality maintenance, training, testing and commissioning, site audits and preventative maintenance and a customer support line that operates all day every day. 

Bespoke Power Distribution Solutions

If you are at the planning stages of a new project or site build, then a transformer relay should be very high on your list of priorities. Discuss your needs with us, and we can design a bespoke plan for your power control systemGet in touch today.

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