GE Digital Energy G500 – Advanced Multi-Function Controller Platform


GE’s Multilin G500, a member of the advanced Multi-function Controller Platform (MCP), offers a high capacity, secure, future-proof, and substation-hardened set of modular and scalable hardware and software components designed to simplify the deployment, operation and maintenance of automation systems.

This advanced hardware platform makes it it possible for a single device to host multiple functions and applications such as Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Concentrator, Remote terminal Unit (RTU), Human Machine Interface (HMI), advanced cyber security features, and non-operational data storage. By these functions, substation operators can reduce the cost of deployment and operation while increasing system reliability through a reduced number of devices in the system.

Available now for test and demonstration in the CSE Uniserve Lab!

  • Advanced substation automation application (interlocking, alarm grouping/reduction, data conversion)
  • Online Asset Management and condition monitoring
  • Enhanced gateway used as an Electronic Access Point (EAP)
  • Local authorization account management. Role based-access-control supported.
  • Extremely large size database, high speed remote IO, IEDs (serial and redundant LAN PRP)
  • High performance substation level HMI integrated to the gateway
  • Distribution automation applications
  • Automated file collection from IEDs and provision to enterprise stations through a push mechanism
  • Complex custom logic automation and event coordination using high de-centralization to IEDs
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The G500 is designed to provide a reliable and accurate collection of data (metering, status, events and faults) from serial or LAN-based intelligent substation devices to master applications such as SCADA, EMS, DMS, DCS or other enterprise applications. With its modern and robust cyber security features, the G500 is designed for smooth integration into NERC CIP and Cyber Security environments while consolidating functions such as Ethernet communications, time synchronization, HMI and SCADA applications.

Key Benefits

  • Standardize substation architectures with a cost-effective, IEC 61850-3 compliant platform, scalable for small to large systems with up to 200,000 data points
  • Simplify engineering and operations through consolidation of functions
  • Reduce system cost by eliminating dedicated HMI computers, external Ethernet switches and leveraging the built-in configurable PRP
  • Optimize Cyber Security management with hardened Linux based operating system and container technologies enabling modular updates instead of single image updates
  • Improve Cyber Security protection with state of the art Trusted Platform Module (TPM) technologies for data encryption
  • Improve time synchronization performance with Precision Time Protocol (PTP/IEEE1588)
  • Expand serial connectivity to up to 20 physical ports with the three PCIe expansion modules and up to 120 virtual ports
  • Cost-effective retrofit solutions where individual automation and communication components can be replaced by only one device
  • Ease of use and configuration and standardization with graphical configurations, drop down menus, preconfigured device maps, and single platform DS Agile Studio software


  • Centralized automation for transmission & distribution substations
  • Industrial substations automation systems
  • Asset performance management
  • Distribution automation & microgrid
  • Secure substation automation systems
  • Retrofit of substation automation systems

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