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Power Protection Devices

Welcome to CSE Uniserve! We are an Australian company and leading suppliers of engineering services and electrical equipment. We are proud to include some of the most respected organisations in the markets we serve who consistently turn to us when they are in need of electrical solutions, world-leading technologies or innovative engineering and design capabilities that will guarantee reliable project outcomes. Power protection and conversion, automation and technical services make up our core competencies with all of our factory-trained technicians drawing on experience and expertise that has been accumulated over 36 years servicing the Australian Electrical Industry.

Our Brands

CSE Uniserve is an integral part of CSE Global, which is counted among the world’s largest independent system integration organisations. As such, the global reach of the wider company extends to 20 countries. From our offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Perth we can also offer support to Australian companies who are undertaking overseas projects and require our specialist solutions and expertise.

Included among the brands you will find on our site are:

  • GE Digital Energy
  • RuggedCom
  • Fuji
  • Elspec
  • Solcon
  • Siemens
  • Micom
  • Arcteq
  • Control Techniques
  • G&W
  • Hyundai
  • Mirus
  • Janitza
  • Seoho

Protecting your devices against power outages

The vast majority of systems now run on electronics and technology, which means that in the event of blackouts everything grinds to a halt. As such, at CSE Uniserve we believe that it is vital for businesses of all descriptions within our industries to take the necessary steps to safeguard their system hardware and IT devices against potential drops in power.

Power system analysis tools are also widely available and are ideal in terms of identifying anomalies in equipment that can be addressed early to ensure the longevity and continued use. Without such technologies in use, regular outages and breakdowns will wear the machines prematurely and see companies sustain significant costs over time via repairs and replacement of parts and machines.

While it may seem like enough to put processes in place within your organisation to protect machinery and equipment from fault, the outside world can upend those plans and so it is always worth considering electrical grid stability. Should the voltage supplied spike or slump this could have detrimental effects on IT systems.

When competition is everything and winning and maintaining contracts depends on a company’s ability to deliver when their competition can’t this makes taking preventative measures such as installing power protection devices in place essential. Do you really want to be in the same scramble for emergency repairs when a blackout of even two seconds knocks out the grid?

Browse Products Speak With Our Engineers

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Powerful, Sustained Growth

Here at CSE Uniserve, you will find a team that is committed to growth and the fostering of relationships with our partners and clients. We pride ourselves on our reputation as problem solvers and our ability to bring innovative products to the Australian market.

We look forward to engaging you in a positive conversation about the future of your company and the potential that our solutions offer in terms of maximising your organisation’s capabilities.

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