Arc Flash Protection

Arc Flash Protection

Consider Arc Flash Protection

An arc flash is a dangerous electrical explosion that can lead to incredible amounts of environmental and personal harm. It’s important that you avoid an arc flash at any cost, and you should work to effectively manage the hazards that can lead to these dangerous events.

CSE Uniserve can assist customers to remove the potential of serious Arc Flash incidents through several technologies.  We can supply solutions for temporary or ongoing protection, and it is untrue that the only option for real, long term solution is to replace your existing switchgear.

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As an engineering company we believe the best solution is to prevent the situation from occurring and modern technology permits this. Even better, your solution may be only weeks away and able to be fitted without disturbing your present infrastructure in any way.

Please contact CSE Uniserve if you have a need for information on arc flash protection, our team are dedicated to getting you results that work and offer peace of mind.
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Your Guide to Arc Flash Electrical Safety

There are many situations that can lead to an arc flash, it can be difficult to stay on top of the situation. Here’s a quick look at just some of the top tips for arc flash electrical safety that you should follow in order to mitigate the risk of this dangerous event.

First and foremost, it’s essential that you perform a risk assessment for every piece of electrical equipment that is found on your premises. This will help you to manage your working environment, identify risks and develop an action plan that could be the difference between life and death.

Once the risk assessment has been completed, you should be sure to create an action plan and share it with your team. Every person who works on your premises should be able familiar with this plan and exactly what should be done in the event of an emergency. Following this critical step will help you to mitigate the risk of experiencing an arc flash.

Once the risk assessment has been performed, you’ll have a better idea of what to offer in terms of safety training. You should be sure to develop training that is specific and simple to follow so that every member of your team will understand the environment around them.

This training can be developed in-house and there are lots of governmental safety standards that you will have to abide by. This training means that every person on your team will be able to understand how to interact with electrical equipment and react in the event of an emergency.


Electrical equipment is prone to wear and tear just like any other item, so you should be sure to carefully and regularly monitor your equipment at regular intervals. You should perform a thorough safety check to make sure that all the electrical components are in top condition and that issues will not manifest themselves as a nasty surprise in the future.

Once you have performed the maintenance, it’s important that you have a system in place to monitor the results and flag up any potential issues that need to be rectified.

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There are a range of safety items that your team can be given to help reduce their susceptibility to damage in the event of an arc flash. This will include arc-resistant clothing and shoes in addition to face shields, rubber gloves and insulated tools.

Of course, prevention is a huge part of reducing the risk of on-site accidents. You should obviously use the relevant warning signs and stickers to help alert your team to the presence of danger. These signs can be very effective in reducing the risk of injury.

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