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Power Factor Correction Equipment in Australia

A company’s carbon footprint is fast becoming a key indicator of its short to medium term chances of sustaining its customer base. The focus on making necessary changes to the way we conduct business and facilitate services that will have a positive effect on the environment is one of, if not the key talking points at conferences and new technology showcases. In the energy business power factor correction is just one of the ways in which suppliers have addressed their processes in order to show that they are forward-thinking and actively tailoring their considerable resources toward solutions that achieve the best of both worlds, that is, uninterrupted supply, fewer losses and increased system capabilities.

The Importance Of The Right Equipment

Here at CSE Uniserve, we are just as focused on making positive changes to our systems and processes, and despite being suppliers of fantastic new well-known brand options, we are also committed to exploring new technologies and alternatives to best serve our customer base. With a team of world-class engineers and technicians working in our Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth offices we strive to manufacture leading specialist MV motor starting equipment, also known as a Liquid Resistance Starter (LRS), and regularly liaise with specialist manufacturers across the globe to develop new offerings for the marketplace based on our specific designs.

Benefits of Power Factor Correction

1) Load Carrying Capabilities
Power factor correction capacitors reduce the current carried by the circuits and this reduction in flow may allow the circuit to carry new loads, thereby making a cost saving on the otherwise necessary upgrade to the network.

2) Voltage
Dropping the power factor results in higher current flow per load. A sustained increase in current may result in lower voltage in the equipment.

3) Power system losses
With the current reduced in proportion to the improvement in power factor, losses, therefore, may be reduced as a direct result.

4) Demand charges
Any improvement in the power factor through appropriate correction lowers the demand charge, thereby having a positive impact on your bottom line, with electrical costs consequently reduced.

5) Carbon footprint
The reduction achieved in your system as a result of power factor correction means that your company is putting a much-reduced strain on the electricity grid and as a result improves the overall carbon footprint. The longer power factor correction equipment is in place the greater the proportion of carbon that is saved, which will please stakeholders and customers alike.

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Our Happy Clients

Strong Foundations and Mutual Goals

With over 35 years experience in our industries, here at CSE Uniserve, we have come to understand the key areas where losses and gains occur and what kind of new ideas would work best to streamline systems. As such, we are ideally placed to create innovative systems for our customers that achieve a best of both worlds situation, that is, new technology with an extremely small carbon footprint.

We believe in creating strong foundations in all of our customer relationships and have sustained longterm relationships with some of the biggest names in the industries we serve as a result of mutually determined goals and a desire to create sustainable business models that will serve future generations. As such, we encourage you to get in touch with us at CSE Uniserve and let’s start the conversation that will set your company on the route to greater productivity, profitability, efficiency, and sustainability.

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