Squirrel Cage Motors

Squirrel Cage Motors

Squirrel Cage Motors

Squirrel cage motors are a subclass of induction motors, which harness electromagnetism to generate motion. The name “squirrel cage” comes from the shape of the rotor – the inner component connected to the output shaft – looks like a cage. 

Squirrel cage motors are using in a wide range of industries and applications – from power stations, to mining sites, to cement crushing – the list goes on. Their simple design and robust construction means they are cost-effective, reliable, and easy to maintain, as well as possess high efficiency, good heat regulation, and strong safety credentials.   

These are complex motors, and as such you’ve got to be absolutely certain that yours has been manufactured and installed appropriately. Finding the right provider for this task can often be difficult and the process can take a great deal of time.

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Why choose CSE Uniserve for your Squirrel Cage Motor?

If you are looking to purchase a squirrel cage motor, it’s important you purchase it from a trusted and reputable provider who is capable of offering you the engineering support that you require. 

Since 1978, CSE Uniserve has developed an enviable record for the supply of Medium Voltage (MV) and High Voltage (HV) motors for specialist applications. We have supplied hundreds of squirrel cage motors to the Australian market and have proven expertise in sourcing quality electric motors, fit-for-purpose, from world-leading manufacturers. Information on some of our installs can be found here.

Squirrel cage motor - Hyundai HV MV Motor ImageA big reason for our ability to serve our clients comes down to our desire to constantly excel at every possible area. Our entire team is united in giving our customers the best experience possible, all the way from first contact to aftercare once the project has been completed. 

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