GE Intellix BMT 330 (Bushing Monitoring Transformers)


The Intellix BMT 330 continuously monitors the capacitance change of C1 of a Condenser bushing as the bushing capacitance measurement is the most common and one of the key parameters in diagnosing the health of a bushing.
Condenser type bushings have a central conductor wound with alternating layers of paper insulation with wrapped tin foil (creating capacitive layers). The capacitive layers are housed in a protective weather casing (usually porcelain) and filled with insulating oil. The capacitive layers are designed to provide uniform voltage drops between each condenser layer.
When one or more of the capacitive layers are damaged (shorted), the total capacitance of the Condenser increases, indicating a potential fault within the bushing.
The Intellix BMT 330 will immediately track and alert personnel of such changes.

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Transformer Monitoring System

At CSE Uniserve we offer a broad range of services that bring modern companies in the oil and gas, energy, renewables, manufacturing and heavy industries to a place where they can take advantage of advances in technology that not only give them a much clearer understanding of their systems but enable them to protect against disruptions. Transformer dissolved gas monitoring and Transformer bushing monitoring is just one of the key areas where energy companies can make huge savings by embracing technology that is designed to streamline equipment efficiency and protect engineers from potentially hazardous work situations.

Benefits of remote Transformer Bushing monitoring

Large Transformer failures can lead to massive outages and regularly make headlines when caught on camera. Luminescent city grids are reduced to black space and life grinds to a halt very quickly.  Major transformer losses are particularly concerning when it comes to high usage and high dependency businesses, such as transport, smelters and other very high use sites. There are also considerations to be taken into account in terms of accidents that result from such transformer failures and the potential cost that will be incurred by the parties concerned.

It goes without saying that closing the barn door before the horse has bolted is always the best policy. Transformer monitoring systems can flag when a problem is likely to occur and can help the company address it before an outage occurs, thereby saving a lot of money. Emergency repairs and maintenance can run into the thousands of dollars, not to mention the cost of new equipment, loss of service, the resultant environmental ramifications and compliance with regulations in this regard. Reducing claims against the company as well as medical expenses where employees or the work is lost as a result of an unplanned outage is made possible by effective monitoring, which helps your bottom line and the company reputation in the public eye. Companies that experience fewer outages and provide a reliable service will, of course, gain an advantage in the market over their competitors.

While monitoring large and critical Transformers is a great solution and worth the investment the added benefit of having the system in place is that your engineers will work much more efficiently and under safer conditions. You might have been lucky to date and not incurred any knock-on expense or major recovery costs, however, by investing in this type of monitoring system you are safeguarding against it occurring in future, which is beneficial to both you, your customers, and, of course, your shareholders.

Creating solutions that are right for you

The benefits of installing a transformer bushing monitoring system far outweigh any installation or setup costs when you consider the potential to prevent much more costly expenses as a result of outages further down the line.

As such, when the time comes to explore and invest in this hugely beneficial tech, get in touch with us here at CSE Uniserve and we will work with you to find the best solution that will meet the needs of your organisation and ensure that you, your customers, employees and shareholders all reap the rewards of the solutions we find together.

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