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If you have an electrical engineering problem you need solved or require high quality electrical equipment for your site, we can help. CSE Uniserve is a leading supplier of electrical equipment and engineering services to industries such as mining, electric and water utilities, renewable energy, manufacturing, transport and oil & gas.

We can engineer, supply, set up and maintain all of your electrical and protection equipment properly eliminating downtime, electrical failure and reducing costs. We also offer training and support to make sure your staff are able to properly use and maintain everything, ensuring you get value for your investment.

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CSE Uniserve provides high quality local engineering design services, support and effective delivery of technically advanced products and systems to the mining & heavy industry, electrical and water utility, renewable energy, transport, and oil & gas markets.

CSE Universe

Welcome to CSE Uniserve! We are a wholesale specialist solutions provider, supplying high-quality industrial electrical control and protection products to the Australian industry. At CSE Uniserve we are very proud of our reputation as problem solvers that offer a genuine alternative to mainstream manufacturers in order to give our clients the chance to explore alternate technological solutions that come with the guarantee of unparalleled service.

Our market focus is electrical utilities and the renewable industry, water, oil and gas, all forms of mining, heavy industry and manufacturing. We exclusively represent many world-class brands in Australia, offer Australian Made Liquid Resistance Starters, also known as an electrolytic starter or rotor starter, for MV motor starting. As such, our business offers value to customers through the design and engineering of well known brands, maintenance capabilities and long term support service.

Familiar names among the brands we represent exclusively include:

  • Arcteq
  • Fuji
  • GE
  • Multilin
  • MiCOM
  • MiDOS
  • Agile
  • Kelman
  • G&W
  • Solcon
  • Janitza
  • Hyundai
  • Siemens
  • Ruggedcom
  • Elspec
  • CSE Uniserve
  • Seoho

CSE Uniserve Is Dedicated to Quality

The AS/NZS ISO9001:2015 standard (Quality Management System) governs all of our operations, both domestically and internationally and we have instilled a culture of continuous improvement in the company with a view to achieving some key goals:

  • Sustained improvement of business processes
  • Compliance with legislative and regulatory obligations where quality is concerned
  • Completing due diligence to ensure that we only use selected, approved and preferred suppliers
  • Understand the changing demands and needs of the market from a customer perspective
  • Gain recognition from our customers for our quality progress

As such, we have implemented an Integrated Quality Management System to ensure that our processes and activities with regard to environmental protection and safety in the workplace meet the high standards expected by our organisation and our customers.

In October 2015 CSE Uniserve received national accreditation to OHSAS18001:2007 Occupational Health and Safety Management System.  Our business values the safety of its team and our customers very highly and takes this same philosophy to our work in the marketplace.

In 2018 CSE Uniserve has also gained third party accredited certification to ISO14001:2015 for Environmental Management Systems, which assures our customers that CSE Uniserve, is doing all it can to ensure sustainability for our own business as well as our customers.

These processes and systems help us achieve unparalleled success in design and implementation of; Secondary protection systems, Substation communication and networks to IEC61850, proof of concept testing, load shedding & load sharing systems, LV and MV motor starting and speed control, power factor correction, harmonic mitigation and asset optimisation.

Forward-thinking solutions

With the world increasingly looking for solutions to the negative effects that commerce and industry have had over the past number of decades, we have taken steps toward ensuring that in delivering a high-quality service to Australia we are doing so with sustainability in mind.

Our philosophy at CSE Uniserve is to offer genuine solutions rather than to issue a catalogue or range of products. With our global footprint extending to 20 countries, we have a wealth of world-class, highly experienced electrical and mechanical engineers working to ensure all of our customers receive solutions that are in keeping with best practice and offer service and solutions that exceed expectations.

So, when it comes to solutions in keeping with your specific requirements, at CSE Uniserve our team are committed to working with you toward a solution that will deliver and sustain your processes going forward. We look forward to working with you.

CSE Uniserve has been providing services to the Australian mining industry for over 35 years. Our focus is to deliver the most innovative protection, motor control and ruggedised Ethernet communication solutions for the management of both power system and electric motor assets – including all forms of traditional and renewable energy generators, electrical transmission and distribution networks, mining and heavy industry applications, LNG compression & pumping facilities and oil & gas facilities.

Our success comes from combining the expertise of our engineering design services with our world leading technologies – including GE Digital Energy Multilin protection relays and substation automation devices, RuggedCom industrial Ethernet and data management solutions, Fuji, Univerter-MV low and medium voltage drives, Rotor Drive Slip Energy Recovery Drives, distribution and power transformers, Unistarter liquid resistance starters, Solcon LV & MV soft starters and Elspec Power Quality metering and solutions

Our capabilities include design, manufacture, installation, commissioning, servicing, custom enclosure design, communications network engineering services for critical infrastructure applications, harmonic mitigation and power quality solutions for large power motor control applications.
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We have provided solutions to Australian industry for over 40 years. This means we can offer unparalleled expertise, knowledge and the ability to deliver the best service, guaranteed. You can also take advantage of our exclusive relationships with world leading manufacturers and gain access to industry leading products.

We have a highly specialised team of engineers and technicians who fully understand our portfolio of equipment and services. With our in-depth knowledge and our wide range of products, we provide the best solution and give you a competitive advantage in your industry.

Ongoing Maintenance And
24/7 Service Means Less Downtime
And Costly Delays For Your Site

We strongly value the technical knowledge and competence of our teams and their commitment to deliver exceptional customer service. We deliver lifetime service and technical support for all our technologies through skilful in-house personnel. You can rest assured your business is in the hands of experts.

Our service team has access to a huge range of equipment and tools. This allows us to offer the best value maintenance services and take optimal care of your equipment, meaning less downtime, faults and lower operating costs.

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Our experts will ensure your equipment is up and running properly and safely from the word go, so you don’t waste time or money fixing mistakes.


Properly maintained equipment saves money in the long run. We offer maintenance on the products we sell so you never have to worry about costly delays or accidents caused by equipment failures.

Tailored Engineering Solutions

Do you have a problem in Electrical or Mission Critical Communications engineering? We’ll solve it for you, or find someone who can.

Training & Support

We offer training lead by experts so your staff will know how to use and take care of all the equipment on your site. This way you’ll avoid any unnecessary shutdowns or accidents as your staff gain all the knowledge needed to perform at their best in any situation.

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Industry News

  • CSE Uniserve Unistarter LRS and Modular Drives Panel receives Australian Made accreditation-

    CSE Uniserve is very proud to announce that we have received full accreditation by Australian Made Campaign Limited for our EPMA and EMS Unistarter Liquid Resistance Starters (LRS) as well as our  Modular Panel System (Flat Pannel) as used to house LV Drives by Fuji and Seoho and Solcon Soft Starters. CSE Uniserve General Manager,...

  • How the Modern SER Drive boosts grinding performance-

    Modern mill operators in mining and mineral processing require a specific range of mill speed to achieve the best grinding performance and reduce mill liner wear.  With the latest generation technology and significant investment, CSE Uniserve created the Modern Slip Energy Recovery (SER) Drive which offers extensive speed control and no synchronous speed dead band....

  • MiCOM P40U released:-

    Connect MiCOM P40 IEDs to PCs with USB ports The P40U adaptor is the solution for users who want to communicate with GE MiCOM P40 IEDs via PCs that have USB communication ports. The P40U Px40 USB Adaptor is used to connect local serial/parallel port relays to a laptop/PC, so that settings may be transferred...

  • GE Channel Partner Award for CSE Uniserve-

    CSE Uniserve have been awarded an Outstanding Channel Sales Award at the recent GE Channel Partner Conference held in Bangkok, Thailand. Mr Alvin Chin, GE Grid Automation Regional Leader, Asia Pacific presented Stuart Walker, General Manager of CSE Uniserve with the award in recognition of many years of dedicated and successful distribution of GE Grid...

  • Continued Certification for CSE Uniserve-

    CSE Uniserve is proud to announce its continued SAI Global certification for ISO9001 Quality Management, OHSAS18001 OH&S Management and ISO14001 Environmental Management. CSE Uniserve has successfully held certification with SAI Global for over 25 years. Our product and service quality continue to meet the highest standards demanded by our organisation, expected by our customers, and...

  • Exclusive Australian Distributor Agreement – Elspec G5DFR-

    CSE Uniserve is proud to announce the signing of an exclusive Australian Distributor Agreement for the Elspec BlackBox G5DFR. The BlackBox G5DFR is a fully featured Digital Fault Recorder embedded with PQZIP technology providing continuous waveform recording makes the BlackBox DFR ideal for monitoring, protecting , operating, power quality, synchro phasors and load profiles. The...

  • CSE Uniserve Product Overview-

    Our latest Product Overview is available here.  Our product range has been increased so take a look and check out the full profile of products available. For all sales enquiries, please email industrial@cse-uniserve.com.au or call 1800 987 616.  

  • Fuji Electric – 30 Years of Business-

    CSE Uniserve has been a proud partner of Fuji Electric for over 30 years. Whilst recently attending the Fuji Electric Partner Conference in Japan, we were presented with a certificate of appreciation for our contribution to Fuji’s Power Electronics Systems business. Click here to view our full range of available Fuji products.

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