Transmission and Power Distribution Transformers

Transmission and Power Distribution Transformers

Power Distribution Transformers

High-efficiency electrical transformers are just one of the products we offer because of their ability to not only save money, but reduce the carbon footprint of companies who use them.

CSE Uniserve offers many power distribution transformer solutions, transmission transformers, oil-filled or dry, all sizes and technologies – to solve a variety of issues.  Talk to us about your specific needs and find out how we can offer you genuine transformer solutions.

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Transformers and environmental efficiencies

Having green credentials is fast becoming a standard in all industries. With the effects of business and commerce on the environment over the past decades making themselves all too well-known, customers are calling on the companies that they buy from to make positive changes to their systems and processes. They want to ensure that products are produced with as small a carbon footprint as possible.

Energy supply is no different. An electrical transformer is just one part of the chain, but a very important part, in transporting electricity to cities and towns across Australia. However, while the power distribution transformer is seen as efficient as long as it is serving its purpose there are always efficiencies to be exploited by replacing the old standards with new models.

At CSE Uniserve, we believe in looking toward forward-thinking solutions for the energy industry and renewables industries – that will allow suppliers to maintain and exceed their current performance parameters while decreasing costs and carbon emissions.

Power distribution transformers and transmission transformers concept - Unloading Distribution Tx prior to assembly and installation
Unloading Distribution Tx prior to assembly and installation

How transformers make all the difference

When you consider the fact that a transformer facilitates the supply of electricity across huge distances as well as generation, transmission, and distribution of energy, it makes sense that they are still a key part of the energy industry. However, while functionality remains the same, there are many positives associated with high-efficiency transformers that make them a much more suitable solution for the modern world.

One game-changing difference is in the types of material used. Copper is well known for its compatibility with conducting electricity. It is a highly malleable material and has a low resistance to electrical current. Being a ductile material makes it particularly suited to use in the construction and operation of machinery and appliances, and this attribute also makes it recyclable, which ensures that there is life in it even after its use within a particular machine or device comes to an end.

In environmental terms, high-efficiency transformers have much better green credentials. The reduction in the use of fossil fuels used to generate the electricity as well as the reduction in heat generated implies a smaller carbon footprint and a longer life for the transformer. Therefore, savings are twofold in this regard, with the likelihood of replacement in the short to the medium term being greatly reduced.

Although copper does not come cheap, with the efficiencies of your transformer optimised, long-term savings will more than recoup the initial outlay.

Exceeding expectations every step of the way

Our team of engineers has over 40 years’ experience creating and providing genuine alternative solutions to companies who wish to look beyond the well-known technologies that are employed at large within their respective industry. We’ll help you take advantage of innovative ideas that could give you a competitive edge.

Power Transformer Products At CSE Uniserve

If you’re looking for distribution transformer options or wish to explore the possibilities of high-efficiency transformers with a specific overview of how they might best serve your company, we would be happy to help. Our technical knowledge and expertise in this regard are second to none, and we focus on exceeding customer expectations.

Systems efficiency is what we all strive for in business. Whether you are in mining, energy, manufacturing, oil and gas or renewables, the bottom line is always the same – get more by doing less. The focus on having green credentials has only served to push the creativity and innovative tendencies of engineers around the world toward finding solutions that exceed the former limits of preceding technology and find that next level, while simultaneously creating a mechanism that optimises its energy uses and wastes as little as possible. A power transformer is no different, and while we are all familiar with them, they are changing to meet the expectations of an increasingly green-focused customer base.

We endeavour to continuously push the quality of our solutions beyond our past achievements through regular streamlining of our business processes and practices. To this end, we have set quality assurance goals and have instilled a culture that embraces positive change and creative solutions. This forward-thinking attitude has served us well to date and given us a reputation as problem solvers within our industries who are not afraid to move beyond the tried and tested products in order to explore the possibilities new technologies and alternative products offer, that might better serve our customer base.

High-efficiency distribution transformers are just one of the products we offer because of their ability to not only save money, but reduce the carbon footprint of companies who use them.

Features of high efficiency transformers

Transformers are going nowhere. They are an indispensable part of energy supply from generation to transmission and distribution and facilitate the transportation of electricity from vast distances to keep major business hubs and civic areas operational.

The use of copper in the coils is what differentiates most high-efficiency transformers from the standard models. Copper is particularly efficient due to its low resistance to electric current and best of all is completely recyclable as well as being an incredibly malleable and ductile metal. While this drives the cost of acquiring transformers that incorporate it up, as mentioned the benefits of a much more efficient system mean that the cost of investment is quickly recouped.

An electrical transformer of this kind is also much friendlier to the environment because since less fossil fuel is burned to generate the electricity, meaning that there is less waste and a reduction of the carbon footprint for companies who choose them over standard transformers. Less heat is also generated and that is good news in terms of the longevity of the transformer itself.

When only the best transformers will do

We have been in the Australian market for over 40 years providing genuine alternatives and top class service and solutions that separate us from all others. We believe in value through design, engineering and complimenting it with customer support that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We also offer a range of support services including onsite testing and commissioning, training, preventative maintenance and site audits.

We promise to bring you the best, and most appropriate solutions, to take your organisation to the next level. Get in touch today, or browse some of our solutions below.

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