Fuji Low Voltage VSD MEGA – with a 3 year warranty


With the flexibility and functionality to support a wide range of applications on all types of mechanical equipment, the Fuji FRENIC MEGA takes core capability, responsiveness, environmental awareness and easy maintenance to the next level.


  • 3 Year Warranty
  • 50° ambient rating
  • Safety enable input (compliant to EN/ISO13849-1 PL=d, cat. 3)
  • Built-in EMC filter for all capacities (compliant to EN 61800-3, category C3)
  • Sensorless vector control mode (100% torque at 0 Hz)
  • Advanced PID functions (dancer control)
  • Brake control function
  • Logic gates for logic combination of input and output functions and delay timer (10 steps)
  • Positioning function (when encoder option is used)
  • 3 slots for 3 different options at the same time (encoder, fieldbus, I/O expansion)
  • Removable control terminals (cage clamp type)
  • External EMC filter (footprint up to 22 kW) for higher EMC compliance (EN 61800-3, category C2)
  • Basic LED keypad with built-in USB port and copy function (1 complete function set, operation, maintenance and alarms information)
  • Advanced LCD/LED keypad with clear text description and copy function (3 complete function sets)
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Now standard with an exclusive CSE Uniserve 3 year warranty

Ideal for highly accurate control such as positioning
PG Vector Control

Effective in providing highly accurate control for applications such as printing.

Fuji’s original dynamic torque vector control has further evolved
Besides the dynamic torque vector control, the inverter is equipped with motor constant tuning for compensation against a voltage error in the main circuit. This means a high starting torque of up to 200%, even at a low speed rotation ( <0.3hz).

Improved durability in overload operation
The inverter performs short-time acceleration and deceleration with the maximum capacity by extending the time spec of overload current ratings compared with the previous models. This improves the operation efficiency of the equipment such as cutting machine or conveyance machine. Overload durability: 200% for 3 seconds and 150% for 1 minute.

Expanded capacity for the inbuilt brake circuit
A brake circuit is built in the 22kW and smaller models as standard. These drives are highly suited to regenerative loads such as a vertical conveying machines. The 7.5kW or smaller models also incorporate a braking resistor.

* The inverters with built-in brake circuit are available on request for 30kW to 55kW models in 200V series and 30kW to 110kW models in 400V series.

Maximising the performance of a general purpose motor
Speed sensor-less vector control

Useful for applications that require a high starting torque, such as the gondola type multi-level car parking tower.

Improved reaction to the fluctuation of impact load
When a load fluctuation occurs, the inverter provides the torque response at the very highest levels. The drive controls the flux to minimise the fluctuation in the motor speed while suppressing the vibration. This function is idealy suited for equipment that requires stable speed such as a cutting machines.

Quick response to the operation commands
The terminal response to the operation commands has a well deserved reputation for rapid and reliable functioins. FRENIC-MEGA has further shortened this response time, achieving one of the fastest response times avaiable in industry today. This is effective in shortening the tact time per cycle and most effective for use in process industry and repetitive functions.


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Fuji Variable Frequency Drives

Welcome to CSE Uniserve, we are leading suppliers of electrical equipment and engineering services. The company began business in 1978 in Sydney and we now have offices in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Melbourne and work with some of the most respected organisations in our markets. We hold approximately $6m in Fuji stocks in Australia with sizes up to 800kW kept locally along with supporting parts and factory qualified service personnel.  We are the go-to company for those seeking solutions that employ leading technologies and engineering services that result in outstanding project outcomes. We are fully committed to a customer-focused service and our established high-value relationships with our long-term partners speak to this.

The advantages of a variable speed drive

The Fuji variable frequency drive is just one of the well-known and exclusive brand offerings that can be accessed at CSE Uniserve. Also referred to as a variable speed drive, this device controls torque and motor speed by varying the motor input voltage and frequency. There are numerous advantages which include:

1) Longer motor life

Extending the longevity of the motor ensures that a more cost-effective investment is the outcome with a reduction in the amount of risk of your motor being damaged during startup and stopping. This also prevents premature ageing and damage to your motor and associated plant.

2) Energy savings

This may be the greatest advantage of using a VSD and more often than not will justify the initial outlay of investment required to purchase and install it.

3) Elimination of mechanical drive components that can prove to be expensive.

4) A reduction in power line disturbances.

While some will note that disadvantages such as maintenance and motor heating at low speeds can be incurred through use of a VSD, rest assured that where selection is correctly carried out and operation and maintenance practices are followed, customer can  expect their Fuji Mega Drive to offer many years of trouble free service.  We are so confident of the ability of a Fuji MEGA drive to work faultlessly, we offer a no-cost,  industry leading 3 year warranty for all new units purchased.

It is, of course, imperative that safe working practices should be instilled at the outset, and training should be undertaken. At CSE Uniserve, we are committed to providing comprehensive lifetime service and technical support.  Our dedicated in-house and on-site service capabilities will ensure that should you require our assistance our factory trained technicians are available to put their extensive experience to use. What’s more, our customer support line is also available 24/7 to give you a little extra peace of mind.

Meeting a wide range of demands

At CSE Uniserve, we are not simply suppliers of existing and well-known brand technologies, such as Fuji variable speed drives, but our highly-skilled engineers are also capable in terms of design, installation, commissioning, harmonic mitigation and power quality solutions, custom enclosure design, maintenance and servicing.  As such, we continually strive to exceed our client expectations and are fully committed to growth and fostering a strong foundation with all our customers. Our goal is to instil a sense of confidence in our abilities to provide the most innovative solutions to your company, building a long-term partnership.

So regardless of whether you are in the water, mining, electrical, renewables or manufacturing industry, here at CSE Uniserve, we have solutions ready to supply and a wide range of innovative ideas that will suit your needs.

High Quality Inverters From Fuji & CSE Uniserve

For decades, CSE Uniserve has been providing companies across Australia with the electrical equipment they need to successfully run large manufacturing, mining and industrial operations. We have a knowledgeable team of staff as well as a huge range of electrical products for you to choose from. CSE Uniserve is proud to have been distributing Fuji Drives and associated equipment exclusively in Australia for 34 years.

Mining, water and heavy industrial operations across Australia come to us for our range of high-end inverters, distributors, controllers and more. And, thanks to our team of highly experienced engineers, we can always help you find the right equipment.

Whether you need power system protection, automation and data management applications, or any other electrical equipment services, you can consider us your first port of call. We supply and design equipment solutions for your company, we’re available on a schedule that suits you, and we’re confident we can offer the best prices.

For a Fuji inverter or any other electrical system design or services, trust the team at CSE Uniserve!

Our Low Voltage Variable Speed Drives

The Fuji low voltage VSD MEGA Series is one of the most popular, heavy duty, low voltage variable speed drives on the market, and we bring its excellent high performance to you at a great price and with an industry leading three year warranty! The Fuji FRENIC MEGA can easily be used alongside a range of machines and electrical equipment, and our team can create a bespoke system that utilises it fully. This is a standard inverter taken to the next level, and it can be used in practically any industrial application. Whether you need it for a simple fan and pump setup, or specialised and high-precision machinery, it can help you maintain performance at a lower voltage and a lower cost.

The Fuji FRENIC MEGA has several key features like; 3 Year Warranty, 50° ambient rating, Safety enable input, Built-in EMC filter for all capacities, Sensorless vector control mode (100% torque at 0 Hz), Advanced PID functions (dancer control), Brake control function, Logic gates for logic combination of input and output functions and delay timer (10 steps) quadruple rating, customizable logic for greater flexibility, and is overload rated at 200% for 3 seconds and 150% for 30 seconds!

A large selection of functions is included as standard features. It’s designed to last 10 years or more, and the team at CSE Uniserve can help integrate the system into your operation smoothly. We provide a keypad with USB port and a huge range of services and parts available at any time from our factory-certified team of experts at CSE Uniserve.

The best news is that we keep lots of stock, have parts and software for full maintenance support and can complete testing and maintenance in house or onsite to suit your needs.

Talk To Us About Fuji Inverters

Need help deciding which equipment is right for you? Want to learn more about our Fuji MEGA series? Our team is always at hand to help, and just a phone call away. If you’d like to speak to one of our experts over the phone, simply press the red phone button and give us a call.

Alternatively, you can reach us through the contact form on our site. Let us know your contact details, who you are, and a little about your business and operational needs. We’ll be back in touch with the answers to all your questions and advice on how to move forward. We are always happy to arrange times to call and speak more about the products we offer and help you get the system you need.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions you might have, and a member of our experienced team will walk you through how we can help.

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Fuji FRENIC MEGA LD 400V upto 55kW Specifications

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