LV Variable Speed Drives (110v - 1,200v)

LV Variable Speed Drives (110v - 1,200v)

Variable Speed Drive (VSD) / Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Solutions

Variable speed drives (VSD), or variable frequency drives (VFD) as they are otherwise known, are just one of the many of the high-end solutions our customers will find here at CSE Uniserve

We offer flexibility and durability, and incorporate forward-thinking technologies to ensure excellent supply, harmonic performance, a clean power input and a motor friendly output.

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Medium Voltage and Low Voltage Variable Speed Drives (VSD)

There are numerous  long-term benefits of utilising a variable frequency drive. The major saving that can be made when a VSD is deployed is energy. As we all move toward energy conservation and being much more thoughtful about how it is expended in our processes, this is the key benefit – you will streamline motor efficiency, and best of all save money. In addition, the presence of a variable frequency drive means that there is no requirement for expensive mechanical drive components, which in turn has a knock-on effect of reducing power line disturbances.

As a CSE Uniserve partner, you will benefit from bespoke design, maintenance and servicing expertise when it comes to your investment, further safeguarding it.  A VSD/VFD can even be reconfigured in terms of size and shape to suit specific and existing switch room requirements. What’s more, a colour graphics touch-screen comes as standard, and enables simple monitoring and programming capabilities to users.

It is imperative that when you spend on machinery the motor at its core will last for a long time and not become prone to breakdowns, repairs and/or replacement. A variable speed drive/variable frequency drive greatly reduces the amount of damage caused during start-up and stopping, which means that the motor is better protected in terms of its sustainability and potential service. All motors will age, but if you are regularly encountering breakdowns then this can prematurely speed up the ageing process.

Variable speed drive (VSD) / variable frequency drive (VSD) solutions concept - the Fuji Low Voltage VSD MEGA – with a 3 year warranty

Tech + Expertise = World Class Service

At CSE Uniserve, we believe in offering value to our customers through alternative technologies and solutions that may prove a better fit for their specific circumstances and requirements – as opposed to some of the more well-known default brands in the market. What’s more, while our technical and engineering teams possess the world-class knowledge, expertise and know-how, we compliment the wide range of services they provide with customer support that is available 24/7, to guarantee our customers the kind of long-term support and maintenance capabilities that all of our partners benefit from.

We encourage you to get in touch with us if you believe there are better solutions out there that could raise the efficiency, productivity and sustainability of your company’s processes. At CSE Uniserve, we are committed to raising the bar across our industries and hope to include you among our success stories.

Variable Frequency Drives for Energy Gains

Waste is quickly becoming the final frontier for all industries. It is no longer acceptable to create an unusable by-product of your efforts to bring useful products to the market. While companies incur considerable expense disposing of their waste products every year and customers demanding a move toward sustainability and green credentials before they will part ways with their money, the writing is on the wall. However, while we all naturally think of physical waste, motors waste energy every day and this too contributes to inefficiencies and breakdowns that add to the carbon footprint. A variable speed drive is just one solution that brings both cost savings and beneficial change to the work processes of industrial companies, including those in manufacturing, energy supply, oil and gas supply, and mining.

Here at CSE Uniserve, we are committed to bringing the most innovative and technologically advanced products to our industry partners in order to contribute to the collective move toward sustainability. We have been operating since 1978 in Sydney and now have offices in Melbourne, Perth, and Brisbane. As part of the CSE Global brand our reach extends to 20 countries around the world and so our engineers come with vast knowledge and expertise and combine it with well-known brand names and products from our long-term partners to deliver exceptional supply, service, and support to our customer base.

What a variable frequency drive can do for you motor

The VFD/VSD controls torque and motor speed. It does this by varying the motor input voltage and its frequency. As such, it is possible to achieve close matches between the output requirements of the motor it is driving and its speed. In terms of its benefits, users always note the massive energy savings that can be achieved. While there is an expense involved with acquiring and installing a VFD/VSD this cost is quickly negated through energy savings.

The addition of a variable frequency drive will also have a positive impact on the life of the motor(s) you install it to look after. With the elimination of mechanical drive components that can be costly, reduced disturbances in the power line and a reduction in the risk of motor damage at start up and stop, the benefits make this an investment as opposed to an expense.

Lifetime service and support

At CSE Uniserve we offer the highest quality maintenance, training, onsite test, and commissioning, as well as preventative maintenance. Our customer support team are also available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Coupled with this we also provide comprehensive lifetime service and technical support expertise for all of our technologies. That means that our clients have access to dedicated in-house and on-site services to ensure that their products function at their optimum level at all times.

So when it comes to sourcing new technologies that will both step up your company’s efficiencies and simultaneously contribute to a reduction in your energy and equipment waste, look no further than CSE Uniserve. We are committed to forward-thinking solutions that deliver for our customers and as an Australian business going from strength to strength over the last 40 years, we believe we offer that little bit extra and want to pass it on to you. 

Browse through our low voltage variable speed drives below, or take a look at our medium voltage options. Contact us today if you’d like to know more.

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