LV Variable Speed Drives (110v - 1,200v)

LV Variable Speed Drives (110v - 1,200v)

Variable Speed Drive Solutions from CSE Uniserve

At CSE Uniserve (CSEU) we started operating in Sydney in 1978 and in the intervening years have expanded our locations to now include Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. As part of CSE Global, we have an extended presence in 20 countries around the world and our market focus is on tailoring specialist solutions for industrial electrical control and protection, and attribute our success to an ability to combine our engineering design services expertise with leading brand technologies to continually exceed customer expectations.
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Medium Voltage Variable Speed Drives

The medium voltage variable speed drive is just one of the many of the high-end solutions our customers will find here at CSE Uniserve, which offers flexibility, durability and incorporates forward-thinking technologies to ensure excellent supply harmonic performance, a clean power input and a motor friendly output. What’s more, a colour graphics touch-screen comes as standard and enables monitoring and programming capabilities to users.

Why the UniStarter VSD is a worthy choice

In our industries, the cost of investing in any additional products, machinery and technology usually come with a hefty price, however, it is worth considering the long-term benefits of such advanced technologies such as the variable frequency drive. What’s more, as a CSE Uniserve partner, you will benefit from bespoke design, maintenance and servicing expertise when it comes to your investment, further safeguarding it.  A UniStarter can even be reconfigured in terms of size and shape to suit specific and existing switch room requirements.

The major saving that can be made when a VSD is deployed is energy. As we all move toward energy conservation and being much more thoughtful about how it is expended in our processes, this is the key benefit that you will gain an advantage from, which will streamline motor efficiency and best of all save money. What’s more, the presence of a variable frequency drive means that there is no requirement for expensive mechanical drive components, which has a knock-on effect of reducing power line disturbances.

It is imperative that when you spend on machinery the motor at its core will last for a long time and not become prone to breakdowns, repairs and/or replacement. A variable speed drive greatly reduces the amount of damage caused during start-up and stopping, which means that the motor is better protected in terms of its sustainability and potential service. All motors will age, but if you are regularly encountering breakdowns then this can prematurely speed up the ageing process.

Tech + Expertise = World Class Service

At CSE Uniserve, we believe in offering value to our customers through alternative technologies and solutions that may prove a better fit for their specific circumstances and requirements as opposed to well-known default brands, in the market. What’s more, while our technical and engineering teams possess the world-class knowledge, expertise and know-how, we compliment the wide range of services they provide with customer support that is available 24/7, to guarantee our customers the kind of long-term support and maintenance capabilities that all of our partners benefit from.

As such, we encourage you to get in touch with us if you believe there are better solutions out there that could raise the efficiency, productivity and sustainability of your company’s processes. At CSE Uniserve, we are committed to raising the bar across our industries and hope to include you among our success stories.

Why You Can Trust Our Variable Speed Motors

We know that you have to get your electrical equipment and engineering services right – and that this makes it difficult to find a provider that you can trust. The right decision can save you time and money, and you should consider a supplier with all the options and the skills and experience to walk you through the benefits and pitfalls of each technology.

We want to help you save time and find the right supplier, so here’s a closer look at exactly why CSE Uniserve is trusted by so many companies across Australia. If you are looking for an MV variable speed motor, look no further.

Here at CSE Uniserve, we constantly aim to exceed the expectations of our clients. It’s always been a key desire of ours and you’ll find that this manifests itself in the quality of our technical work and the customer care that we offer you throughout the entire process.

As a CSE Global Company, we share in the pursuit of excellence that has propelled CSE Global to such international heights. Every member of our team rallies around this goal and we hope that our previous success stories are testament to our great work!

Decades of Experience

We originally launched in Sydney in 1978.  In the decades since, our team has seized every opportunity to learn with both hands, making us one of the most knowledgeable and experienced providers of electrical equipment and engineering services.  We don’t limit our thinking to a single catalogue or technology, and neither should you!

The fact that we have thrived for so long within this competitive industry demonstrates how passionate we are about what we do. It is also testament to the fact that we achieve the right results for the right price up and down the country.

The product:  AT CSE Uniserve, we don’t just have one product option or one range to offer.  Our experience and contact mean we can source, supply, commission and support what you need.  Our own design MV Drive addresses some key concerns for our customers but we have many other options and abilities should your need specific challenges.

A Univerter MV Drive features design topology providing a clean power input and a motor friendly output.  Our integral phase-shift transformer achieves excellent supply harmonic performance and multi-level output provides a near sinusoidal output waveform meeting IEEE standard levels.

Input supply voltages can be catered for between 3.3kV to 13.8kV with power ratings up to 20MW

Flexible design and options include live synchronous bypass, safety interlock systems, isolation switchgear, power cell bypass or redundancy, load-sharing control schemes and custom I/O configurations to suit your existing or new plant interface.  A colour graphic touch-screen HMI is supplied as standard and used for programming and monitoring the performance or the drive.

Technical Competence

Our technical competence sets us apart from the rest of the competition. This is one of the fundamental cores of our business and it means that we can offer the best results to our customers, whatever their needs. Our technicians have all the training necessary to achieve fantastic results, and they have many years of experience too.

Talk To Us About Getting A Variable Speed Motor Today

You will also find that we have worked with a huge range of clients over the years. Our diverse experience means that we are capable of addressing your needs and helping you to achieve your goals. Whatever the scope or focus of your project, you can rest assured that we can deliver on your needs! Whether you need a variable speed electric motor, VDSL wi-fi modem or anything in between, we are here for you!

If you would like to get your project off the ground today, be sure to get in touch with us using your preferred contact method. You will receive a prompt and accurate response that will provide you with all of the information that you need to get started and take things to the next step.

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