Liquid Resistance Starters (LRS)

Liquid Resistance Starters (LRS)

Liquid Resistance Starters (LRS)

CSE Uniserve have been providing specialist liquid resistance starters (LRS) and motor starting and speed control solutions for over 40 years. We represent some of the world’s most reliable and best regarded brands, and also manufacture specialist liquid resistance starters and MV motor starting equipment right here in Australia.

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Liquid Resistance Starter Supplier in Australia

It is typical of any industry and any marketplace that a few major players grab all the headlines, and are sometimes seen as the go-to choice for customers.  The perception that those with the big names provide the best service and solutions is often misplaced. When it comes to specialist solutions, such as a liquid resistance starters and products geared toward the mining, electrical, renewables and energy industries, the lowest cost and longest life options should always be considered.

At CSE Uniserve, we manufacture our own specialist liquid resistance starters and MV motor starting equipment right here in Australia.

Liquid resistance starters Australia - LRS

How our liquid resistance starters stand out

Our goal is to offer genuine solutions – not to sell a catalogue or a single line of products.  Our world-class team of highly experienced engineers regularly deploy their comprehensive knowledge to ensure that our customers receive best practice solutions and service.

The range of Australian-made, fully stainless steel LRS unit is unmatched by any manufacturer worldwide and of course, being based here in Australia, we can guarantee the most comprehensive service and support from our locally-based experts technicians and engineers.  Whether it is a small pump or 18MW ball mill, our LRS units offer the lowest cost, longest life and most reliable motor starting for fixed or variable speed applications.  The technology is simple, robust and suitable for use by all levels of operators with varying levels of experience.  As we manufacture these units in Australia, we can produce an LRS specifically for your particular application or offer a world class product at very competitive rates for more basic uses.

Talk to us about exactly how we can guarantee a CSE Uniserve LRS will offer years of reliable, trouble-free service. Ask us about the hundreds of reference sites spread throughout the world. We can explain why an LRS is the lowest cost to procure, lowest cost to run, and most reliable MV motor starter option available today.

Forward-thinking solutions

While mainstream products are well-known to the industry and customers at large the benefits of looking beyond these choices are solutions that are built with your particular requirements in mind. We want to give our customers the most innovative solutions available and are here to put our expertise to use to ensure that your expectations are exceeded.

So, whether you are in the market for a liquid resistant starter or exploring other options to optimise performance, get in touch with us and start a conversation toward a forward-thinking future that ensures your company has the potential to operate at its most efficient and lowest cost potential.

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