Janitza UMG 96RM-E Multifunction Power Analyser with Ethernet and RCM


The Janitza UMG 96RM-E is a compact and powerful universal measurement device designed for use in low and medium voltage distribution systems.  This particular model features Ethernet Communications and Rseidual Current Monitoring (RCM)


Features include:

  • 256MB memory
  • Ethernet Modbus Gateway
  • Residual Current Measurement
  • Alarm Management
  • Homepage
  • BACnet option
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There are several models within the UMG 96RM range to suit various applications: 96RM-E, 96RM-EL, 96RM-M, 96RM-P, 96RM-CBM and 96RM-PN.

  • Universal meter
        • Operating current monitoring for general electrical parameters
        • High transparency through a multi-stage and scalable measurement system in the field of energy measurement
        • Acquisition of events through continuous measurement with 200 ms high resolution


  • RCM device
        • Continuous monitoring of residual currents (Residual Current Monitor, RCM)
        • Alarming in case a preset threshold fault current reached
        • Near-realtime reactions for triggering countermeasures
        • Permanent RCM measurement for systems in permanent operation without the opportunity to switch off


  • Energy measurement device
        • Continuous acquisition of the energy data and load profiles
        • Essential both in relation to energy efficiency and for the safe design of power distribution systems


  • Harmonics analyser / event recorder
        • Analysis of individual harmonics for current and voltage
        • Prevention of production downtimes
        • Significantly longer service life for equipment
        • Rapid identification and analysis of power quality fluctuations by means of user-friendly tools (GridVis®)

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