GE Grid Solutions MS 3000 Holistic Transformer Monitoring Solution


The MS 3000 system provides a holistic approach that not only relies on a GE’s Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) monitor but expands the monitoring by connecting to the other existing transformer sensors and adding functionalities and measuring devices as per customer requirements.  The MS 3000 is an “all-in-one” monitoring solution ideally suited to critical transformers, when enhanced coverage of potential causes of failure is required to provide peace of mind.

Features include:

  • Continuous supervision of the whole transformer, integrating data from available sensors
  •  Modular: essential through to comprehensive coverage of transformer failure modes
  • Information available at a glance, even across several substation transformers
  • An “Expert System” to help you assess and manage your costly assets
  • Optimum operation efficiency with reduced life-cycle cost
  • Web server HMI, no need for software to access the data analysis
  • Integration with GE’s perception software for centralised information and leveraging of fleet data
  • Easy inter-operability of the transformer with the Smart Grid / Digital Substation
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The MS 3000 is a modular system that can monitor the active part of any transformer and also the bushings, the cooling system and the on-load tap-changer.  It will also detect transient over voltages and the presence of partial discharge. The MS 3000 gathers all this data, detects trends and cross correlates all the information to confirm the diagnostic and help you assess your transformer’s health.

MS 3000 and why monitoring Partial Discharge is more effective:

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Did you know?

The MS 3000 is suitable for retrofit to any type of power transformer, irrespective of brand or age? This highly flexible solution can integrate most existing transducers and sensing devices, including any brand of existing DGA monitor. Of course, more sensor can be added and the existing DGA upgraded in order to provide a truly holistic monitoring solution.

GE Grid Solutions MS 3000 Specifications

GE Grid Solutions MS 3000 Standard Kit 1 – Technical Data Sheet

GE Grid Solutions MS 3000 Standard Kit 2 – Technical Data Sheet

GE Grid Solutions MS 3000 Standard Kit 3 – Technical Data Sheet

GE Grid Solutions MS 3000 Standard Kit 4 – Technical Data Sheet

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