GE Kelman MINITRANS – Multi Gas DGA Transformer Monitoring Unit


The GE MINITRANS is an economical online DGA monitoring solution offering constant high quality multi-gas and moisture monitoring of transfomer oil.

Based on the same core technology as the highly successful TRANSFIX the MINITRANS monitors three key gases: Hydrogen, Acetylene and Carbon Monoxide (in ppm) plus moisture in oil (%RH & ppm). The measurement of these gases allows the user to detect a wide range of developing faults including arcing.

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    • The GE Kelman MINITRANS is a cost-effective, discrete, online Dissolved Gas Analysis device monitoring 3 significant fault gases as well as moisture in the transformer oil. With load sensor, outputs, extensive communications and configurable alarms.


Download Further Product Information Here:                                             Download the GE M&D Range brochure here:

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Technical Bulletin #18 has long been available to provide guidance to customers for setting DGA alarms on their multigas online monitors. GE regularly revise this bulletin and have just released version 5.  In this release,  some of the thresholds have been adjusted following the recent update of the IEEE C57.104 standard, which now gives different gas levels depending on the age and breathing type of the transformer being monitored.

More information and the Technical Bulletin #18 are available for download here:

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