GE Agile MiCOM P740 – Distributed Bus Protection


Distributed Bus Protection, Latest Cybersecurity and Switchable IEC 61850 Edition 1&2

The GE AGILE MiCOM P740 Distributed Busbar Protection System with enhanced cyber security and switchable IEC 61850 Edition 1&2. Adopting the release of GE branding and the front USB engineering port, the new firmware released as v91 pushes the envelope further. IEC 61850 Edition 2, duplicated GOOSE detection, fixed-length GOOSE and advanced cybersecurity are included.

Key benefits:

  • Tripping time is constant, less than 1 cycle and independent of the fault current, the substation topology and the number of feeders
  • Suitable for application on solidly grounded, impedance grounded, Petersen coil grounded and isolated systems
  • Free of charge software tools for easy scheme configuration and monitoring
  • Connection between central and peripheral units is by redundant fiber, eliminating EMC, touch and step potential issues
  • No internal batteries in GE-branded models – removes a maintenance item and eases air-freight logistics
  • Advanced binary inputs comply with the harshest norms for surge withstand, plus the ESI 48-4 EB2 standard. Spurious wiring pickup is eliminated without the use of interposing relays, external resistors or time delays. Battery/wiring faults, switching noise, and induction from long parallel circuits are tolerated without mis-operation
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The GE AGILE MiCOM P740 provides a range of measurement, monitoring, post fault analysis and self-diagnostic features, programmable scheme logic, trip circuit supervision, fully customisable menu text, multi-level password protection.  On-line measurements and plant status monitoring are also included. MiCOM Agile P740 features a very innovative external fault detection algorithm to ensure stability when CTs are saturated.


  • Typical operating time of 17 ms with standard contacts
  • Phase segregated biased current differential high speed busbar protection
  • Easy maintenance, operation and future expansion of the busbar supported
  • Deploy in ring-bus/mesh corners, single busbars, sectionalized busbars, and one per bus in breaker and a half topologies
  • Suited to all kinds of busbar configurations

Specific benefits:

  • Switchable IEC 61850 Edition 1&2 – with support for Ed 2 test modes for online testing.
  • IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol – efficient time synchronizing direct from the substation LAN.
  • Editable Logical Nodes/Devices – to customize the IEC 61850 modelling and maximize interoperability.
  • Role based access control (RBAC) for centralized authentication.
  • Authorization and account management via RADIUS, and directly on the relay.
  • Security Event Management via Syslog.
  • Duplicate GOOSE Rejection – Defense against incorrect publishing of out-of-sequence or duplicated GOOSE messages by other devices on the network.
  • SNMP version 2c and cybersecure v3 – network management tools can monitor protection IEDs.
  • New Ethernet Board – Improved traffic density handling, PRP, HSR and RSTP supported in the same order option for standardization.

Product Release Notes for Software verson 6.4.1


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