FlexConvert BESS Battery Energy Storage System – Dual


The Indrivetec Flexconvert BESS (Battery Energy Storage System) can be applied to multiple uses in industrial, commercial and utility markets and work with highly developed or weak grids to balance energy from various sources.

  • Fully integrated system with LiFeP04 battery option
  • Voltage stabilisation and Frequency regulation,
  • Peak load management and Load shifting
  • Ramp rate control
  • Uninteruptible Power Supply
  • 1150 and 2500 kW models
  • 170 – 690V LV and 6 – 33 kV MV options
  • 88% efficiency (round trip)
  • -25 to 50c ambient (extended range on request)
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The Indrivetec range of Energy Management Systems (EMS) are fully integrated and built to ISO 9001 standards in Switzerland.  Modular and flexible, these systems are designed for years of reliable, cost effective power control.  With more than 25 years experience in the design of energy management and storage sytems, coupled with CSE Uniserve’ 40 years of local electro-technical knowledge, customers can be confident in the process of consulting, specifiying and producing what is needed for each job.

Built to be fully integrated and for use with energy storage, the FlexConvert Power Control System offers full operational control, high efficiency and integrated functions. Designed to monitor, control and optimise the performance of conventional or renewably generated energy, the Indrivetec system ensures that connections between the grid, batteries, local conventional generation and renewable sources are managed to maximise site performance and lower costs.  The system enables users to monitor their installations and to analyse the current load and grid condition.  Your system will be optimised through stabilised frequency and voltage, extending asset life and reducing maintenance and downtime.  Ideal for self generation in commercial, industrial, remote and Utility markets, each units is designed specifically to operate for your particular needs.  Weak grids, balancing energy inputs, maximising local generation, islanding and “black start” capabilities are all available and achievable with an Indrivetec solution, supplied and maintained in Australia by CSE Uniserve.


The FlexConvert BESS Battery Energy Storage System (dual) is a modular and flexible electrical energy storage system for reliable power suupply and provides energy storage for a large range of applications. Offered with BDEW and ARN 4110 Fault Ride Through compliance, these units offer customers the ultimate in Swiss quality and reliability.

Multiple capacities are available to 3000 kW with choice of;  Lithium Ion, NAS, Redox-Flow, Lead Acid, SoNiCl, fuel cells.

Two capacities are available when using Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery up to 3686 kWh.

Supplied in two containers, complete with inverter, battery systems, EMS, forced air cooling and controller for elevatioins to 1,000m (higher elevations on request), a FlexConvert BESS (dual) is available as LV or MV and fire suppression can be integrated if required.   FlexConvert BESS helps to optimise asset performance by stabilising frequency and voltage and is perfect for back up power in commercial and industrial applications as well as for islanded operations.

FlexConvert BESS will operate from -25 to +50c ambient temperatures and offers the following benefits

On Grid:

  • Voltage stabilisation
  • Frequency regulation
  • Peak load management
  • Load shifting
  • Energy trading
  • Ramp rate control
  • Uninteruptible Power Suppply (UPS)


Off Grid:

  • Islanding
  • Black Start capability
  • Fuel Saving
  • Power Quality
  • Power reliability
  • Maximising use of Renewables

Each unit is Functionally and Type tested in the dedicated testing facility before leaving the manufacturing plant and with worldwide shipping experience, you can be sure the product arrives ready to install and commision.

You can be sure of quality and longevity with BDE and ARN 4110 Fault Ride Through certification and Maximum inverter efficiency of 98.2%.



Download the Indrivetec abbreviated reference list here:

Download the Indrivetec Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) brochure here:

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