Elspec G4500 BlackBox Portable Power Quality Analyser


The Elspec BlackBox portable series power quality analyser takes power quality monitoring to a whole new level by using the revolutionary PQZIP patent algorithm. The unique algorithm enables you to measure, store & analyse (continuously) waveform signals regardless their size.

  • Portable Analysers providing accurate detection isolation of Power Quality problems
  • No missed events
  • Quick and simple setup
  • Remote connectivity
  • Patented Data Compression algorithm permits huge data storage
  • Continually records and measures more than 10,000 electrical parameters automatically for more than 1 year
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    • The G4K power quality analyser is able to record and store all electrical waveform continuously for more than a year, with no gaps in the data. In addition, it calculates RMS, harmonics and any other value from waveforms in post-processing including calculations for more than 10,000 parameters. Get a clear picture of the conditions before, during and after an event.


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Elspec G4500 Specifications

Elspec G4500 Dimensions

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