Elspec G4400 BlackBox Fixed Power Quality Analyser


The BlackBox G4400 series, the most advanced power meter in the market today, is equipped with the revolutionary PQZIP patent algorithm for continuous waveform recording. It enables you to predict, prevent and troubleshoot an incidence easily, without the need to set any trigger or threshold in order to capture specific event.

  • Identification of Fixed Power quality analysers providing accurate monitoring and identification of issues
  • Stores on board, the waveforms of every network cycle for up to a year at 1,024 samples per cycle, eliminating the need for thresholds, triggers or parameter setting for logging
  • Calculates RMS harmonics for comprehensive power quality analyses
  • Remote Display LCD Unit, allowing interconnectivity with the G4000 series Power Meters for configuring and monitoring
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    • The G4K fixed power quality analyser is able to record and store all electrical waveforms continuously for more than a year, with no gaps in the data. It calculates RMS, harmonics or any other value of waveform in post-processing including the calculation of more than 10,000 parameters.


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Elspec G4400 Specifications

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