Categories - Power System Protection and Control

  • GE Digital Energy SR Protection Relay Family
  • SR750/760 - Easy to use Feeder Protection System supported by industry leading suite of software tools. Suitable for Bus blocking/Interlocking schemes; High-speed fault detection for arc flash mitigation; Throw over schemes (bus transfer scheme applications); Load shedding schemes based on voltage and frequency elements; Auto-Recloser (760 Only)
  • SR469 - Protection and Management of three phase medium and large horsepower motors and driven equipment, including high inertia, two speed and reduced-voltage start motors. Voltage dependant overload curves; Torque metering and protection, broken rotor bar protection; Most advanced thermal model - Including multiple RTD inputs for stator thermal protection
  • SR745 - Primary and back-up protection and management of small, medium and larger power transformers, auto-transformers and reactors: Variable dual-slope percent differential protection, Magnetizing inrush and over-excitation blocking, ROCOF detection, Over-excitation   (V/Hz) Protection, Restricted Ground Fault Protection, Transformer overload protection
  • SR489 - Application for  Synchronous or induction generators operating at 25Hz, 50Hz or 60Hz; Primary or backup protection in cogeneration applications: Generator stator differential, Distance backup, Reverse power , Loss/Over excitation, Inadvertent energisation, Negative sequence overcurrent, Stator and bearing thermal monitoring 
  • Reduce troubleshooting time and maintenance costs -IRIG-B time synchronization, event reports, waveform capture, data logger
  • Draw-out construction allowing for minimized downtime and easy removal/installation
  • Multiple Networking interfaces - 10baseT Ethernet, RS485, RS232, RS422 (not 489); Multiple Protocols - Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP/IP, DNP 3.0 (not 469), DeviceNet (469 only)
  • Multiple Protocols - Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP/IP, DNP 3.0 (not 469), DeviceNet (469 only)
  • GE Digital Energy SR3 Protection Relay Family
  • SR339 - Complete protection, control, diagnostics and communications for small and medium sized AC motors.  Designed for medium voltage motors in industrial applications, the 339 delivers unparalleled protection, control, diagnostics and communications in an industry leading draw-out construction.  The 339 Motor Protection System provides simplified setup configuration through the use of the Motor Settings Auto-Configurator, advanced graphical diagnostics with the Motor Health Report and support for multiple communication protocols including IEC 61850. This 3 Series relay is available with draw out or non draw out options.
  • SR345 - Microprocessor based system for primary and backup protection of small and medium sized, 2-winding, distribution transformers .  The Multilin 345 offers advanced algorithms for magnitude and phase compensation.  The 345 includes advanced communications supporting simultaneous communications, enhanced draw-out construction and enhanced diagnostics for asset monitoring and simplified setup & configuration tools to reduce commissioning time.  This 3 Series relay is available with draw out or non draw out options.
  • SR350 - Innovative and intuitive multi functional feeder relay offering protection, control and monitoring in one integrated, economical and compact package.  Protection functions of this relay include over current and directional elements along with auto reclose and breaker failure.  This 3 Series relay is available with draw out or non draw out options.
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