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As the world continues to embrace technological advances in all facets of life and across all industries, the capabilities to reduce problematic power outages that lead to major costs and reactive expenses have become widely accessible throughout the energy market. At the forefront of independent system, integration is CSE Global, the parent company of CSE Uniserve. Based in Australia and serving the needs of our extensive customer base since 1978, CSE Uniserve have a wide range of solutions that encompass everything from transformer protection relay systems to asset monitoring and diagnostics. Power conversion, protection and automation and technical services are the core competencies that form the basis of what we do, and as such we are focused on servicing the following industries:

  • Mining
  • Oil and Gas
  • Water
  • Utilities and associated renewables
  • Heavy industry and manufacturing
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Transformer Protection For Safe Operating

For over 35 years we have worked toward cutting-edge, innovative solutions that exceed the expectations of our customers and in this time have assembled a team of world-class engineers and technicians to bolster and enhance our approaches to new processes and thereby offer unparalleled service to the respective markets.

At CSE Uniserve, we are firm believers in expanding the opportunities available to clients by looking beyond the traditional, tried and tested products available in hope of exploring the deployment of new and alternative technologies that offer increased and differential value.  Our agenda is always fuelled by finding and following best practices in terms of the solutions and service we provide, and in terms of our own company, we continually strive toward quality assurance in everything that we do.

The features of a transformer protection relay

One of the products we offer here at CSE Uniserve is the Solcon TPR-6, which accurately measures temperature increases in order to protect a transformer from possible damage that would result from a build-up in heat in the bearings and, or, windings. What’s more, a built-in self-test protects against operator faults and disconnected sensors.

This relay houses advanced microprocessor-based circuitry and two level protections for alarm and trip. The possibility to select between trip and trip fail-safe is another feature and it incorporates disconnected sensor protection. Inputs and outputs are programmable and the relay is easy to install and is simple to operate.

Invest now, save over time

Using transformer protection will lead to repair over catastrophic failure where properly monitored and controlled, which will also increase the lifetime potential for your transformers. The cost efficiencies and long-term savings caused by minimising outages and not having to replace equipment far outweigh any initial investment and have the knock-on effect of benefitting your corporate image in the eyes of your clients and stakeholders.

At CSE Uniserve, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive technical support expertise and lifetime service through dedicated in-house and on-site services for all our technologies. We offer the highest quality repair of products and quality maintenance, training, testing and commissioning, site audits and preventative maintenance and a customer support line that operates all day every day.

As such, we encourage you to engage us in your current endeavours and to work side-by-side with CSE Uniserve to find creative solutions that will deliver the results you expect and lead to a formidable partnership and industry best performance.

CSE Uniserve is Australia's leading supplier of electrical equipment & engineering services. We design our technology to assist industries in delivering successful project outcomes, such as our slip energy recovery system & variable speed drives. Visit our website or contact us for more information.

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Our Products

Power Conversion

Originally specialising in HV electric motors, CSE Uniserve has naturally developed its expertise around motor control and related electrical equipment. Based on a team of expert engineers and strong supplier partnerships, CSE Uniserve offers comprehensive product and engineering solutions around motor control.

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Protection & Automation

CSE Uniserve has been providing utility upgrade power system protection, communications and monitoring systems to major industries for over 36 years. We provide advanced technology solutions to protect, monitor and control critical electrical infrastructure.

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Technical Services

We are committed to providing comprehensive lifetime service and technical support expertise for all our technologies through dedicated in house and onsite services. Our factory trained technicians draw on the experience gained over 36 years of servicing the Australian Electrical Industry.

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