Solcon Solstart Low Voltage Soft Starter


The Solcon Solstart is a compact, analog soft starter with an internal bypass. By supplying a slowly increasing voltage, the Solstart provides a smooth soft start linear acceleration, while drawing the minimum current necessary to start the motor. A soft stop feature can be enabled by adjusting the setting on the Ramp-Down Potentiometer. When soft stop is used, upon a stop signal, the motor’s voltage is slowly reduced to zero. Control voltage is not required to operate the Solstart.


  • Range 8-58A, 220-600V
  • Built-in bypass
  • Soft start & soft stop
  • Start / Stop with voltage free contact
  • Compact foot print
  • DIN Rail mounting
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    • The Solstart is a cost effective soft start alternative using soft start & soft stop controls combined with built in motor protection control make this an ideal product for OEMs.


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Solcon Solstart LV Soft Starter Specifications

Solcon Solstart LV Soft Starter Dimensions

Solcon Solstart LV Soft Starter Drawing Diagram


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