Solcon RVS-DX Low Voltage Soft Starter


The Solcon RVS-DX compact digital soft starter with built-in bypass is the latest in the line of Solcon’s fourth generation of digital soft starters. The RVS-DX incorporates enhanced start-stop characteristics providing the ideal solution for most applications.


  • Reduced inrush current and mechanical shock
  • Soft, smooth stepless acceleration and deceleration
  • Current Limit
  • Pump Control
  • Torque and Current Control
  • Unique features: Pulse Start, Dual Adjustment, Slow Speed with Electronic Reversing, etc.
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    • The Solcon RVS-DX is a full featured digital soft starter with a built-in bypass. Enhanced start-stop characteristics provide ideal soft starting solutions for most applications. The comprehensive motor protection package guarantees long term reliability.


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Solcon RVS-DX LV Soft Starter Specifications

Solcon RVS-DX LV Soft Starter Wiring Diagram

Solcon RVS-DX LV Soft Starter Dimensions

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