Solcon Pro Gear MV Soft Starter Switchgear for HRVS-DN PowerStart


The Solcon Pro Gear is fully type tested, arc flash resistant, Medium Voltage Soft Starter Switchgear manufactured to IEC 62271-200.  Pro-Gear adheres to the highest safety standards and provides superior protection and performance for your MV Soft starting application.  The ProGear is designed to house the Solcon HRVS-DN PowerStart, a heavy-duty Medium Voltage Soft Starter.
  • Rated: up to 12kV, 1250A
  • Internal Arc Test 31.5kA/1sec, IAC: A-FLR
  • Short-time withstand current 31.5kA/3sec
  • Dielectric Test – Power Frequency 28kV 60sec & Impulse voltage 75kV
  • Temperature Rise Test
  • IP54 Protection Degree.
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The Progear Switchgear is a fully type-tested Metal Enclosed switchgear cabinet; offering numerous designs as standard modular design blocks.

Designed and Built according to IEC standards, Progear can be tailored according to customer requirements. Cabinets can be fitted with a soft starter, protection apparatuses, and control
products in addition to our newly developed Connex, a holistic solution for diagnostics and maintenance of the complete system.

Modular Design

Option for Multi-Motor Start, Control and Protection

Separated Internal Compartments

For Complete Isolation of Low and Medium Voltage Compartments

Safety Locks

The doors are built with locks and handles that are designed to prevent accidental opening

Hinged Door Panels

Ideal for accessing wires and apparatus

Complete Flexible Design

For choice of switchgear apparatus, Solcon’s Progear is compatible with all switchgear apparatus suppliers

  • Internal arc protection
  • IP54 ingress protection rating
  • According to IEC standards
  • Shock & vibration proof According to IEC standards
  • 9 Point seismic certification According to IEC standards.

Solcon HRVS-DN PowerStart Model List


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