Solcon Pro Gear MV Soft Starter Switchgear for HRVS-DN PowerStart


The Solcon Pro Gear is fully type tested, arc (flash) resistant, Medium Voltage Soft Starter Switchgear manufactured to IEC 62271-200.  Pro-Gear adheres to the highest safety standards and provides superior protection and performance for your MV Soft starting application.  The ProGear is designed to house the Solcon HRVS-DN PowerStart, a heavy duty Medium Voltage Soft Starter.
  • Rated: up to 12kV, 1250A
  • Internal Arc Test 31.5kA/1sec, IAC: A-FLR
  • Short-time withstand current 31.5kA/3sec
  • Dielectric Test – Power Frequency 28kV 60sec & Impulse voltage 75kV
  • Temperature Rise Test
  • IP54 Protection Degree.
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