Siemens Ruggedcom Multi-Service Platform


CSE Uniserve offers RuggedCom cybersecurity solutions across Australia.   Installed on the RUGGEDCOM Multi-Service Platform product family of cost-efficient, utility-grade Layer 2 and Layer 3 switches and routers, RuggedCom products are well known for dependability in harsh environments and mission-critical applications. We can assist with consulting services, on-site support, security assessments, integration, deployment, and training.

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RUGGEDCOM Multi-Service Platform
The Multi-Service Platform product family of utility-grade Layer 2 and Layer 3 switches and routers has been specifically developed to provide multiple electronic defense layers for the protection of critical cyber assets. RUGGEDCOM Multi-Service Platform is the main point of entry between the local area network (plant floor or substation) and the outside world. The platform combines a Layer 3 router, a firewall, and a VPN in one device.

RUGGEDCOM’s RX1500 series is a family of utility-grade Layer 2 and Layer 3 switches and routers. The RX1500’s modular and field replaceable platform allows customers to select amongst Wide Area Network (WAN), serial, and Ethernet options, making it ideally suited for utilities, industrial plant floors, and rail and traffic control systems.

These field-proven, industry-leading devices have been coupled with cybersecurity applications to offer customized solutions of various security levels. Field-swappable modules guarantee flexibility and easy maintenance for critical applications and are certified for use in the harsh environments of electric power, transportation, and oil and gas industries.

RUGGEDCOM Application Processing Engine (APE)
The new version of the industrial application hosting platform – RUGGEDCOM APE1808 – is ideal for safely running third party software applications in harsh, mission-critical environments. The module plugs directly into any member of the RUGGEDCOM RX1500 family, except for the RX1512, without the added complications of installing an external industrial PC. RUGGEDCOM APE1808 excels at hosting a range of applications such as next generation firewalls, network log and load processors, and intrusion sensors. Based on Intel quad core and x86_64 architecture with support for Linux and Windows 10, the RUGGEDCOM APE1808 provides a standards-based platform for commercially available software, enabling partnerships with industry leaders in cyber threat detection and prevention.


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