Seoho Electric 1000V / 1140V Variable Speed Drives


The Seoho Electric 1000V Variable Speed Drive’s control functionality includes vector control, master/slave synchronisation, dual motor and PID algorithms suitable for a wide range of mining applications.

  • Surface mount
  • Constant torque
  • 150% overload
  • Suitable for supply voltages from 950V to 1,200V
  • Power rating up to 1,000kW
  • Suitable for ambient temperatures up to 50°C
  • IP00 and IP20 models
  • Alternative designs available for use with external cooling systems in harsh environments
  • Specialty models available for ventilation with IPXX.

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Seoho Electric 1000V Variable Speed Drive Features:

Various Combined Control Function

  • V/F, sensorless vectors and sensored vector control methods
  • Synchronous control function (Master/Slave)
  • MMI Program supported by (Seoho Drive Manager)
  • Variety of communications supported by (Profibus, RS485/232C)
  • VD is applied to fan, pump, blower, conveyor

PID Control Function

  • It is valuable in process control
  • The built-in PID algorithm control flow, temperature, pressure, etc, through the proportional, integral and differential calculated between the feedback, value and reference value in closed loop
  • The high speed CPU makes the calculation easy and fast
  • PID Compendation function is available
  • General PID control function.

Zero Torque Function

  • Generates 150 – 200% torque at zero speed.

Auto Tuning Function

  • When vector control function (sensorless or sensored control) is used
  • Auto tuning function made the usage more convenient and easy to set parameters for optimised operation.

Two-Motor Control Function

  • Multi-motors that are connected to the same shaft can be controlled by on inverter.

Improved Trouble Shooting

  • Saving the conditions (trace data) of current, voltage, frequency, torque and etc. for 1 sec. before the inverter trip occurs.

Seoho 1,000 Drive Service and Support

CSE Uniserve provide structured contracts from single intervention maintenance to ongoing, multiple year preventative maintenance contracts for you Seoho 1,000V Drives. CSE Uniserve’s high quality, cost effective service is backed by factory-trained technicians with formal qualifications in their area of expertise, and years of hands-on experience.

We hold stock on site in our Australian warehouses and carry the full range of Seoho 1,000V Drives spare parts.

Our cabinet solutions, designed and made in Australia, is a perfect solution to house Seoho 1,000V Drives. The system provides a cost-effective solution, designed to minimise floor space in your switchrooms or production area. The cabinets provide integrity and strength to accommodate the weight and transportation of large drive systems, ensuring that your investment will arrive on site and be move to position without damage.

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