Power Transformers


  • Complete range of Dry type VPI, cast resin, oil immersed power transformers and reactors
  • Available on competitive lead times
  • Voltage up to 750kV and power rating up to 1000MVA
  • High efficiencies and low no-load losses
  • Customised to meet individual customer requirements
  • Available as free-standing or enclosed and can be offered for use in indoor or outdoor locations
  • For Oil Filled transformers we can also advise on ongoing monitoring and maintenance options.

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Electrical transformer environmental efficiencies

Having green credentials is fast becoming a standard in all industries. With the effects of business and commerce on the environment over the past decades making themselves all too well-known customers are calling on the companies that they buy from to make positive changes to their systems and processes to ensure that the final product is arrived at with as small a carbon footprint as possible.

Energy supply is no different. An electrical transformer is just one part of the chain, but a very important part, in transporting electricity to cities and towns across Australia. However, while the transformer is seen as efficient as long as it is serving its purpose there are always efficiencies to be exploited by replacing the old standards with new models.

As such, at CSE Uniserve, we believe in looking toward forward-thinking solutions for the energy industry and renewables industries that will allow suppliers to maintain and exceed their current performance parameters while decreasing costs and carbon emissions.

How distribution transformers make all the difference

When you consider the fact that a transformer facilitates the supply of electricity across huge distances as well as generation, transmission, and distribution of energy, it makes sense that they are still a key part of the energy industry. However, while functionality remains the same there are many positives associated with high-efficiency transformers that make them a much more suitable solution for the modern world.

One game-changing difference is in the types of material used. Copper is well known for its compatibility with conducting electricity. It is a highly malleable material and has a low resistance to electrical current. Being a ductile material makes it particularly suited to use in the construction and operation of machinery and appliances, and this attribute also makes it recyclable, which ensures that there is life in it even after its use within a particular machine or device comes to an end.

In environmental terms, high-efficiency transformers have much better green credentials. The reduction in the use of fossil fuels used to generate the electricity as well as the reduction in heat generated implies a smaller carbon footprint and a longer life for the transformer. Therefore, savings are twofold in this regard, with the likelihood of replacement in the short to the medium term being greatly reduced.

However, copper does not come cheap and so the cost of high-efficiency transformers is much higher than standard models. One would be foolish to make their mind up about which model to choose on this basis alone, though, because the reality is that with the efficiencies of your transformer optimised, long-term savings are guaranteed that will more than recoup the initial outlay.

Exceeding expectations every step of the way

At CSE Uniserve, our team of engineers has over 35 years experience creating and providing genuine alternative solutions to companies who wish to look beyond the well-known technologies that are employed at large within their respective industry, with a view to finding and taking advantage of innovative ideas that could give them a competitive edge.

And so, for those seeking out distribution transformer options or who wish to explore the possibilities of high-efficiency transformers with a specific overview of how they might best serve their company, we at CSE Uniserve would be glad to take your call. Our technical knowledge and expertise in this regard are second to none and our focus on exceeding customer expectations cannot be understated.

CSE Uniserve is Australia’s leading supplier of electrical equipment & engineering services. We design our technology to assist industries in delivering successful project outcomes, such as our slip energy recovery system & variable speed drives. Visit our website or contact us for more information.

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Our range of Distribution Transformers is simply unmatched and available for commercial and industrial applications. A variety of primary and secondary voltage ratings are available and we have access to one of the widest ranges , ensuring .  All units meet applicable standards. Dry and oil filled transformers with a variety of cooling options can be manufactured as drop in replacements for quick and trouble free installation by your team or ours.

If ongoing life and management of the asset is also important to you, discuss online monitoring of your new or existing transformers, we have a variety of options available for almost any application and budget, including monitoring and ongoing maintenance and service.

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