Janitza UMG 96L / UMG 96 Universal Measurement Device


The UMG 96L & UMG 96 are universal measuring devices, which are suitable for measuring, saving and monitoring electrical parameters of a low voltage power supply.  Additionally, the devices have 2 transistor outputs, which can be used optionally as pulse outputs for active or reactive energy and/or as threshold contacts.

Features include:

  • Replaces analogue measurement devices
  • Generous LCD display
  • All measured values can be called up in factory setting
  • Display and checking of electrical characteristics in energy distribution systems
  • Measured values that are not required can be hidden and displayed again
  • Limit value monitoring
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    • The UMG 96L & UMG 96, digital diversity against analogue simplicity. These corresponding UMG measuring devices have digital outputs that are suitable as switch outputs. Pulse inputs can be used to record the values for meters such as water and gas meters using UMG measuring devices

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Janitza UMG 96L / UMG 96 Specifications

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Janitza UMG 96L / UMG 96 Techncial Overview

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