Janitza UMG 806 Modular DIN-Rail Measurement Device with Residual Current Measurement


The UMG 806 energy measurement device offers the right solution for various requirements. The high-performance basic device is ideally suited for cost-oriented applications and features Modbus RTU. It offers the ability to both measure and record residual currents, among other features.

Features include:

Power Quality

  • Harmonics current up to the 31st harmonic
  • Unbalance
  • Distortion factor THD-U / THD-I
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Other features:

The UMG 806 can be enhanced with three modules: the Ethernet communication module, the analogue input module and the digital input module.



  • Fast, cost-optimized and reliable communication through

connection to an existing Ethernet architecture

  • High flexibility through use of open standards
  • Easy integration of measurement data from the basic device



  • Easy integration of Modbus-RTU devices into an Ethernet architecture through the modbus-gateway-function
  • Integration of devices with identical file format and matching function codes through Modbus-RTU-interface possible


Measurement devices with an accuracy of 0.2% (V),kWh-class 0.5S

  • Sampling rate 8 kHz/Phase (V)
  • Reliable measuring accuracy of 0.2% (I)
  • Active energy class (kWh): 0.5S


Modular plant expansion

  • Easy plant expansion through modules with additional in- and outputs
  • Space optimization through compact structure


Download the UMG 806 brochure here:


Download the UMG 806 brochure here:

Download the 2021 Janitza Product Catalogue here:

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