Janitza UMG 801 Network Analyser


The modularly expandable UMG 801 is ideally suited for the complete acquisition of an energy management system

Features include:

Power Quality

  • Harmonics analysis up to the 127th harmonic
  • Unbalance
  • Distortion factor THD-U, THD-I
  • Measurement of co-system, counter and zero sequence component
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Other features:


  • Fast, cost-optimized, and reliable communication through connection to an existing Ethernet system
  • Integration in PLC systems and GLT
  • High flexibility through the use of open standards
  • Simultaneous query of the interfaces possible
  • Configuration of the entire measuring system via OPC UA
  • Easy integration of measurement data from the base unit and measurement modules into higher-level systems (e.g. building management systems, SCADA systems)
  • Cyber security: Integrated security mechanisms to protect against unauthorized access and misuse
  • Future-proof software architecture as the OPC UA standard evolves with new applications


Ethernet Modbus Gateway

  • Easy integration of the Modbus RTU devices in the Ethernet system through the Modbus gateway function
  • Integration of devices with identical file formats and consistent function codes possible via the Modbus RTU interface


Measurement device with accuracy of 0.2% (V), kWh class = 0.5S

  • High sampling rate at 25.6 kHz / 51.2 kHz (current/voltage)
  • Reliable measuring accuracy of 0.2% (V)
  • Energy class (kWh): 0.2S


Modular System Expansion

  • Easy system expansion due to flexible scaling to 92 current measurement channels
  • Up to 10 current measurement modules can be integrated via click system, without external cabling between the basic device and the current measurement modules
  • Space optimization through compact design, even with


Measurement Point Extension

  • No additional power supply required for the measuring modules
  • Costs savings through shortened assembly times
  • Reduced error sources thanks to Plug & Play solution
  • Low costs per additional measurement channel
  • No additional voltage measurement necessary
  • Measurement distance can be bridged up to a total length of 100 m

• The GridVis®-Basic Power Grid Monitoring Software provides comprehensive options for data preparation, visualization and documentation

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