Janitza UMG 604-PRO Power Analyser


The Janitza UMG 604-PRO is a  high performance power analyser which is suitable for use at all network levels.  The UMG 604-PRO is the equivalent of the front installation device in a slim and cost optimised DIN rail mounting form and can be used to monitor the power quality and implement comprehensive energy management.

Features include:

  • Multi functional measuring equipment
  • Transient recorder
  • Meter (kWh, kvarh)
  • Peak demand management
  • A harmonic analyser
  • PLC
  • Status monitoring
  • Event recorder
  • Data logger


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    • The Janitza UMG 604-PRO is a power analyser for DIN rail mounting with Ethernet, PROFIBUS, Jasic (PLC functionality) and integrated homepage. The UMG 604 PRO makes possible the measurement and data acquisition for control of the network quality and effective capacity and thus results to current cost saving in all power networks.

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