Janitza UMG 20CM 20 x Circuit Monitoring Device


The UMG 20CM measuring device is ideal for operating current acquisition or for measuring residual current. It is primarily used in applications with many circuits, such as sub-distributions of production systems in industrial settings or in data centers.

Features include:

  • Continuous acquisition of the operating currents
  • Permanent residual current monitoring
  • Messages in the event of the nominal current being exceeded
  • Energy acquisition for complete current distribution
  • Cost centre accounting
  • Transparency of energy cost
  • More effective use of IT infrastructure
  • PDUs in data centres
  • Increase of high availability power supply
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The Janitza UMG 20CM, is a 20 channel branch circuit monitoring device with RCM. The UMG 20CM with connectable current transformers is used for acquiring operating current or alternatively for RCM measurement. It is applicable to areas with numerous outlets, for example in PDUs for data centres.

The UMG 20CM 20 x current channels (inputs) are available for the connection of current transformers and for residual current measurement from 10 mA to 1000 mA (CT-20, CT-6-20 or SC-CT-20).

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Janitza UMG 20CM Specifications

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