Janitza UMG 103-CBM Energy Meter


The Janitza UMG 103-CBM is based on the well-proven technology from the UMG 103.  The UMG 103-CBM is a compact and affordable universal measurement device for DIN rail.  The clock, battery and measured data memory enable this device to tackle completely new applications.

Features include:
  • Redundant – Maximum security for your measured data in the device memory
  • No separate supply voltage required
  • Simple setting of the Modbus address
  • Cost-effective and universally applicable
  • Simple installation – Rapid installation with Screw-type terminals
  • Saves space and costs during installation
  • Measurement device itself has a very low power footprint
  • Up to date firmware updates

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Janitza power meter solutions

It is hard to imagine that in a couple of decades the world will still be using conventional electricity meters given that users are increasingly looking toward more efficient, adaptable and flexible solutions to meet the demands of their environmentally conscious customer base. The Janitza power meter range is just one example of the move forward that meters have taken in recent years. It is no longer efficient or necessary to manually read meters or wait for consolidated reporting.

Here at CSE Uniserve, we understand the needs of the industrial market and are constantly looking toward our world class team when it comes to finding new and creative solutions that enable us to simultaneously improve processes and provide cost-effective and sustainable technologies with real world benefits.   With over 36 years experience, we know a thing or two when it comes to electrical supply and as specialist solutions provider of outstanding industrial electrical control and protection products, we have established ourselves a problem-solving, forward-thinking organisation.

Our goal is simple, to offer value through genuine technologically advanced alternatives so that our customers have the opportunity to explore improved technology choices with an unrivalled service guarantee.

3 key benefits of our Janitza Meter

1) Accurate information in real-time

While old analogue meters were time-tested and fit for purpose, a new Janitza energy meter can provide accurate information in real time to control room or monitoring services. There is an increasing focus on accuracy and our range complies with the latest IEC standards and offers instant connectivity to a range of systems and technologies.

2) Green Credentials

The more smart meters in the market the faster our collective mindset shifts toward protecting the environment. For companies, instant access to meter information enables them to determine supply and demand levels, predict and prevent outages and generally give a much smoother service. What’s more, as is our practice here at CSE Uniserve, customers can monitor their green credentials, measure and compare to targets in real time as well as understanding potential areas for improvement.  The technology can equally be used to reduce maintenance costs as real time information provides a much better understanding of performance and confidence to move toward needs based or reactive maintenance programs.

3) Money savings

Janitza meters are designed to help consumers understand, plot and manage their energy use and plan more effectively. Engagement, knowledge and understanding increases as more and more tools are released to share information and make things that bit clearer. Productivity is also improved by deploying resources to the areas of most need, rather than pre-programmed schedules.

Solutions to meet your needs

So, with smarter meters set to become almost and essential requirement in terms of meeting the needs of all stakeholders, it makes sense for your business to make the change early and reap the rewards sooner and for longer.

The Janitza energy meter range is just one option you can find here at CSE Uniserve, we invite you to browse this site and get in touch with us. Our engineers are here to ensure that a solution that’s perfect for your business is attainable.

CSE Uniserve is Australia’s leading supplier of electrical equipment & engineering services. We design our technology to assist industries in delivering successful project outcomes, such as our slip energy recovery system & variable speed drives. Visit our website or contact us for more information.

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    • The Janitza UMG 103-CBM provides increased data security which is crucial when energy data is to be acquired separately for individual company units or customers.
    • The device can operate as a standalone solution in areas where differentiated network monitoring was previously too expensive.

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Janitza UMG 103-CBM Technical Data

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Janitza UMG 103-CBM Connection Diagram

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