Janitza GridVis Network visualisation and design software


Three applications from one program: Energy Management, Power Quality, and Residual Current Monitoring

With GridVis®  measured parameters can all be analyzed to detect possible failures and to assist with optimizing your equipment. The scalable, user-friendly software is perfectly suited for design of standards compliant Energy, RCM and Power Quality Monitoring systems.

Create your own overviews with numerous functions and graphics

  • Professional editor for creating dashboards
  • Dashboards and templates: free design of overviews
  • User management and access right control
  • Large number of widgets and functions: Line, bar and pie charts, heat map, Sankey, key performance indicators (KPI), tables, indicators, duration line, weather, live values, links and much more.
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What GridVis® can do

• Manage measurement devices.
• Show measurement devices in a topology.
• Program measurement devices.
• Provide direct graphic representation of measurement values from different measurement devices.
• Read out measurement values saved in measurement devices and save these to a database.
• Read out measurement values saved in a database and display these graphically.
• Read out measurement values saved in a database and search these for transients.
• Read out measurement values saved in a database and search these for events.
• Program customer-specific applications.
• Update measurement device firmware.


GridVis® is a net visualization software and basic building block for energy management and voltage quality monitoring systems.
GridVis® software is used for following topics:

  • Analysis and visualization of energy and measurement data for electrical voltage quality in energy management.
  • Interruption-free measurement of important measurement data.
  • Time-based identification of e.g. harmonics, voltage fluctuations or net failures.
  • Detection of insufficient voltage quality in time, decreases downtime and optimizes the use of operational resources.
  • Introduction of measures to improve energy efficiency based on analyses of load profiles and consumption.
  • Creation of framework conditions for company energy management systems (ISO 50001).
  • Software and hardware components ensure more transparency and reliable documentation of energy supply.
  • Energy management systems serve to support the economical, ecological and optimized use of energy in the company.

All details at one glance, with our tools for analyzing and evaluating your measurement data

  • Event browser
  • Graph and graph set functions
  • Statistical evaluations
  • CBEMA curve
  • Duration curve
  • Dashboards & widgets
  • RCM analysis

Reports optimized for EnMS, power quality and RCM

  • EN 50160 & EN 61000-2-4 evaluation
  • Uptime analysis and statistical analyses
  • Events, transients and limit violation
  • Energy overviews
  • Energy invoice
  • Residual current analysis
  • System acceptance
  • Utilization report

Data access, data export and import made easy

  • OPC UA client and server (optional)
  • REST API (M2M solution)
  • External Modbus devices
  • CSV, XLS import & export
  • GridVis® Collector (mobile data collector)
  • MSCONS (load profile, counter data, import and export)
  • COMTRADE (transients, events, export)

System and energy monitoring at the highest level

  • Monitoring of communication, limit values, etc.
  • Alerts via web UI, e-mail or external program
  • Confirmation obligation with logging & history
  • Escalation stages for demand-based alerting
  • Full access to measurement data and communication parameters

Planning functions and automating your system

  • Plan device readouts, time synchronization, report generation or e-mail dispatch
  • Automatic data import
  • Database management with automation functions
  • Shift schedules and tariffs
  • Project backup

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