Hyundai Medium Voltage and High Voltage Slip Ring Motors


Hyundai MV and HV slip ring motors are extremely high quality and designed to offer years of trouble free operation. With Wound Rotor and Squirrel Cage options, Hyundai can design and manufacture a motor to suit existing (drop in replacements) or new applications.


Features include:

  • Class F insulation with Class B temperature rise as standard
  • VPI insulation provided high reliability and long life
  • Numerous modifications available with quick delivery
  • Suitability for tropical environments
  • Magnetic slot wedge for improved electric characteristics
  • Ample space in terminal box for easy cable connection
  • Unidirectional cooling fan for higher efficiency and lower noise
  • Simple installation
  • Low vibration and noise
  • Various cooling fan options: Steel, aluminium, plastic
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Hyundai MV and HV motors are extremely high quality slip ring motors, and designed to offer years of trouble-free operation. With Wound Rotor (WRM) and Squirrel Cage (SCM) options, CSE Universe can design and manufacture a motor to suit existing or new applications.

Talk to us about drop in replacements for other brands or upgrading your plant to higher levels of output and efficiency.


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Hyundai medium voltage variable frequency drives and slip ring motors

We pride ourselves in establishing long-term relationships with our partners and delivering specialist solutions of an industrial electrical control and protection nature to the Australian industry. One of our many partners who joined with CSE Uniserve exclusively in 2017 is Hyundai Electric. We offer strong local connections that enable customers to receive support and service for Hyundai variable speed drives and slip ring motors with the added benefit of our unparalleled service and support.

With over to 30 years’ experience servicing Utilities and renewables industry, the mining, water, oil and gas, heavy industry and manufacturing, CSE Uniserve continue to offer exclusive contacts for companies such as Hyundai Electric. Our business offers value to customers through engineering and design, which is bolstered by long-term support service, parts and maintenance capabilities. Our reputation as problem solvers precedes us, with many Australian companies who have undertaken projects overseas turning to us, given our extensive reach within the global community as part of the CSE Global brand, which has a presence in 20 countries. 

Advantages of Hyundai variable frequency drives

When it comes to the benefits associated with MV variable speed drives there are a few key notes to mention that make the investment more than worthwhile.

In terms of the sustaining the longevity of your MV motor, a variable speed drive is a great way to ensure trouble free start-up and stopping. As such a Hyundai variable frequency drive makes for a cost-effective investment and comes with our 24/7 customer support and extensive engineering expertise where commissioning, maintenance and servicing are required.

Energy is the huge saving that can be made by installing a variable frequency drive and will often justify any up-front expense in the long run. What’s more, a Hyundai MV VSD can eliminate the need for expensive mechanical drive components and results in a reduction of power line disturbances.

Technical Services

We are dedicated to lifetime service and technical support, which can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We also offer the highest quality repair and maintenance services, everything from motor starters to networking equipment, LV and MV drives and protection relays.

Safe working practices are important, so we encourage that training is provided in the use of new applications and solutions to ensure employee safety is at the forefront of all business processes. Each of our technicians is factory trained and provide dedicated on-site and in-house capabilities to ensure that you have the benefit of our years of expertise servicing the industry.

We are committed to ensuring that our products and services meet the highest standards expected by our customers and have implemented an Integrated Management System to enable controlled management of processes and activities regarding safety in the workplace and environmental protection.

We hope to engage you in a constructive discussion about what we can do for your company, and look forward to laying the foundations of what we hope will be a long-lasting partnership.

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