G&W Transmission Cable Joiners and Termination kits


  • G&W cable accessories to ISO 9001:2008 are designed to accommodate cables from all manufacturers and can be created to accommodate any customer cable system. G&W provide complete and reliable lines of cable terminations and cable joints.
  • Transmission Cable Accessories for self-contained and Pipe Type Cables. Variety of accessories for all cable systems for outdoor applications upto 330kV IEC62067 for gas insulated substations upto 330kV transition joints available upto 145kV as per IEC 60840
  • Transmission Cable Accessories for Extruded Dielectric cable.  Outdoor applications upto 245kV Gas insulated substations to 245kV IEC62067.  Dry type designs available for easy Installation. Mechanical Shrink installation option available.
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Transmission cable joiners, terminations and related accessories for outdoor applications up to 330kv, manufactured in the USA by G&W

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