G & W Current Limiting Protector MV (CLiP)


G&W’s Current Limiting Protector (CLiP) offer advantages of current limitation for 2.8kV through 38kV  systems with continuous current ratings  up to 5000A and offers genuine alternative strategies for those seeking Arc Flash protection.

Compact, totally sealed construction means the CLiP is suitable for both indoors and out installation. Structure or pole mounted and can also be mounted inside an enclosure.
The MV CLiP provides high continuous current ratings with defined current limitation and ultra-high speed of operation in one package.  Each CLiP is manufactured in the USA and requires no ongoing maintenance.
Features include:
  • Applications for system upgrade without replacing under-rated equipment such as circuit breakers, reclosers, switches or bus
  • Lower Breaker Ratings to reduce the cost of full rated equipment in new installations while improving protection
  • Close Bus Ties without exceeding equipment ratings
  • Energy saving application when used to by-pass fault limiting reactors to saving reactor losses
  • For Arc Flash protection the let-through energy from a CLiP is typically less than 1% compared to a breaker
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    • The G&W Medium Voltage (MV) CLiP is an electronically sensed and triggered, commutating form of current limiter, sometimes referred to generically as an IS-Limiter.   A continuous copper bus bar path carries the current.  When subject to overcurrent conditions, a parallel mounted current limiting fuse interrupts the fault before serious damage can occur to plant or personnel.

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G&W MV CLiP Specifications

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