G&W Arc Flash and Current Limiting Protector LV (CLiP)


G&W’s Current Limiting Protector LV (CLiP) is a unique overcurrent protection device that interrupts potentially damaging fault current before the first cycle peak, significantly limiting potential damage.

Features include:

  • Single phase & three phase protection
  • Threshold current sensing
  • Field-selectable trigger levels
  • Remote enable/disable
  • Remote tip indication
  • Outdoor duty
  • No fuse aging associated with transients or inrushes
  • Copper busbar
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The G&W Low Voltage (LV) CLiP is an electronically sensed and triggered, commutating form of current limiter, sometimes referred to as an IS-Limiter.  A built-in current transformer (CT) provides real time current values to the internal electronics. The CLiP-LV has a field adjustable instantaneous pickup setting referred to as the trigger level and uniquely in this segment, requires no ongoing maintenance.

Circuit breakers typically take five or more cycles to halt fault currents. CLiP-LV can detect and eliminate faults and arc flashes in less than half of one cycle. This significant improvement protects personnel and electrical equipment by reducing exposure to the dangerous heat and explosive force produced by longer-lasting arc flashes.

Using CLiP specifically for Arc Flash protection:

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G&W CLiP-LV Specifications


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