GE Multilin EnerVista – Viewpoint Monitoring


Easy to Use Monitoring and Data Recording Software

GE EnerVista Viewpoint Monitoring is an easy to setup and powerful data monitoring and recording software application that provides an overall, integrated view of an electrical system. With minimal device communication configuration, it collects critical real-time and historical disturbance data to assist with analyzing past or impending power system events.

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Viewpoint Monitoring Reduces Commissioning Effort Saving Time and Cost


  •  Monitor up to 1000 devices (20000 data points) or 5000 devices (65000 data points)
  • User friendly drag-and-drop construction of single-line monitoring screens
  • Pre-configured memory maps of GE’s Multilin™ devices
  • Single-line monitoring and control
  • Trending of up to 5000 power system data points with 1 minute resolution
  • Communicate with third-party Modbus compliant field devices
  • Plug-and-Play analysis of power system equipment
  • Automatic collection of events and waveforms from GE’s Multilin devices
  • Annunciator alarming with visual, audio and email notification
  • Diagnose waveform fault data recorded in power system devices


Key Benefits:

  • Easy start up and configuration saves time and cost by integrating devices using pre-programmed memory maps
  • Automatically generated, user friendly monitoring screens provide remote equipment visibility
  • Reduced integration time through automatic detection and configuration of UR devices
  • Reduced fault analysis effort by centralizing critical fault data digitally
  • Records and trends power equipment load levels for load analysis
  • Remote viewing of Viewpoint Monitoring system using ViewNodes or Terminal Services in MicroSoft Windows Server 2012

Viewpoint Monitoring provides the tools to easily create customized single-line diagrams providing monitoring and control. This powerful tool will communicate with supported devices and put the facility’s energy system at your fingertips from either a local or a remote location.

Single Line Monitoring & Control:

Use Viewpoint Monitoring to Monitor Motor Protection Equipment.  Monitor critical information such as:

  • Easily Create Customized Single-Line Monitoring Screens
  • Monitor Power System Devices
  • Control Power System Equipment


Site and system alarms:

Viewpoint Monitoring Annunciator Alarming actively monitors measured values and generates alarms. Alarms can be configured to be activated whenever a digital status changes state, or an analog value changes beyond any programmed threshold. Alarms can be delivered through multiple visual, audio, or e-mail notification channels. Furthermore, the Monitoring and Alarm Sentry ensures annunciators and alarms are always active.

Automatic Event and Waveform Retrieval:

Automated archiving of event and waveform data from GE’s Multilin devices ensures availability of detailed information for diagnosing power system events.

  • Event Logging
  • Event Viewing
  • Waveform Archiving
  • Waveform Viewing


Trending Reports:

  • Data logging
  • Records
  • Charts
  • Archiving
  • Exporting & Printing data




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