GE Multilin EnerVista – Integrator


Comprehensive Communication Engine for Rapid Integration

EnerVista™ Integrator enables seamless integration with GE’s Multilin devices for new or existing automation systems through tested, pre-configured memory maps. Integrator significantly reduces the time and effort required to obtain device, event and waveform data for integration with an HMI, SCADA or DCS system.

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Viewpoint Monitoring Reduces Commissioning Effort Saving Time and Cost


  • Easy device setup through device communications
  • Rapid retrieval of device, event and waveform data from GE’s Multilin devices for communication to OPC clients
  • Comprehensive, factory tested memory maps for GE’s Multilin devices
  • Scalable communication options for high device or point counts – up to 1000 devices or up to 65000 points respectively
  • Reliable aggregation of event records from multiple Multilin devices into a single system wide Sequence-of-Event (SOE) record
  • Optimized performance and decreased commissioning effort through the use of Virtual Mnemonics to scale data points


Key Benefits:

  • Reduces the integration effort and cost by over 90% versus other communications servers to integrate Multilin devices into new or existing HMI, SCADA or DCS systems by using pre-configured and mapped GE devices
  • Provides comprehensive, accurate and high quality data from devices through unique GE Device application intelligence
  • Reduces resource requirements by archiving and centralizing fault data from relays and meters for fault analysis
  • Supports integration of third-party (non-GE) Modbus devices into OPC compliant monitoring systems

EnerVista Integrator integration software is designed to seamlessly integrate Multilin devices into new or existing monitoring or control system. With tested, pre-configured memory maps for Multilin devices, EnerVista Integrator eliminates significant effort required for programming of the mnemonics associated with HMI, SCADA and DCS system integration, greatly reducing the commissioning time and cost.

OPC Server:

  • Device Setup through establishing communication with the device
  • Supports third party devices using Modbus RTU or Modbus TCP/IP


Automatic Event and Waveform Archiving:

Automated archiving of event data from GE’s Multilin devices ensures availability of detailed information for diagnosing power system events.

  • Event type & time
  • Event cause
  • Source type & name
  • Waveform viewing – Merge and overlay waveforms that were recorded from multiple devices and identify harmonics

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