GE MiCOM Agile P747 – Centralised Busbar Differential Relay


Centralized Medium Size Bus Protection (up to 4 Zones & Check Zone)

The MiCOM Agile P747 provides complete protection for voltage levels up to extra high voltage busbar configurations with a centralized 3-box architecture. The MiCOM Agile P747 can accommodate up to 4 zones plus check zone and protect up to 18 terminals. The MiCOM Agile P747 is particularly useful in double busbar with double bus coupler applications and allows a high number of inputs, outputs and virtual inputs and outputs to manage the complete substation scheme.

Key benefits:

  • Tripping time is independent of substation topology and number of feeders
  • User-friendly software tools for scheme monitoring
  • Built-in CT saturation proof breaker failure protection
  • Harsh environment protection extends the life of the product
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The MiCOM Agile P747 incorporates enhanced circuit breaker failure logic with dead zone and overcurrent protection. The MiCOM Agile P747 provides a range of measurement, monitoring, post fault analysis and self-diagnostic features, programmable scheme logic, trip circuit supervision, fully customisable menu text, multi-level password protection.  On-line measurements and plant status monitoring are also included. MiCOM Agile P747 also features a very innovative external fault detection algorithm to ensure stability when CTs are saturated.


  • Typical operating time of 17 ms with standard contacts
  • Phase segregated biased current differential high speed busbar protection
  • Easy maintenance, operation and future expansion of the busbar supported
  • Deploy in ring-bus/mesh corners, single busbars, sectionalized busbars, and one per bus in breaker and a half topologies
  • Adapted to all kinds of busbar configurations


Key benefits:

  • 3 boxes (one per phase) for large schemes up to 18 terminals
  • Interoperable with all classes of CT: IEEE, IEC, air-gapped, non-gapped, and CTs with moderate knee point voltage
  • 10 integrated function keys, tri-color LEDs, and graphical programmable logic permit the creation of comprehensive schemes, tailored to your needs
  • IEC 61850 redundant Ethernet, supporting self healing ring, RSTP, dual homing, PRP or HSR


MiCOM Agile P747 remote PC HMI provides the following features:

  • P747 Remote HMI allows the user to display the MiCOM Agile P747 measured analogue quantities and DDB (digital data bus) status information dynamically via the user defined busbar topology


Product Release Notes for Software verson 6.4.1


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